How many of you love your coffee as much as your music?

if you do, provide it by listing the methods and equipment you use.

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I do! I buy my coffee from Costco and brew it in a 10 year old Cuisinart coffee maker.

Yes indeed…been scary…what’s in the grinder today is from Las Vegas Roaster - Vesta. I’m back home in Singapore now tho and here is the rig


Caffeine and cans …:+1:

My coffee making progression:

Cuisinart Brew Central (stopped using over 7 years ago)
Keurig B70 Platinum (used for about 6 months)
Single cup pour over - the goto, used for about 6 years
Frech Press - (used less than 15 occurances)
Aero Press - (pain in the butt, tried to like it)
Moka Pot - (if in the mood to make espresso)
Chemex - currently my daily driver. This or pour over.

I prefer to buy my beans whole, and use a Burr grinder prior to brewing.

Usually would get what’s on sale any of these dark roast beans:
Starbucks: Verona, French Roast, Italian, Sumatra
Peet’s: Major Dickason’s Blend
Philz Coffee: Jacob’s Wonderbar, Ether, Julie’s Ultimate
Intelligentsia coffee: El Diablo, Black Cat classic

Cafetiere…French or Italian roast :coffee::muscle:

Beyond the survival-coffee I have to drink at work every day, when I want something really good I make my own cold brew out of ground coffee of various kinds (but I tend to stick to Lavazza), 5:1 volume ratio, 14-hour room-temp brewing, then refrigerate (for some reason it tastes better than drinking it at room-temp). Perfect summer coffee. I filter out and drink as-is, no water added like some wimpy American articles say you should. :sunglasses: (Some people brew for 20-24h, but I find it way too bitter if it sits that long, I really need to stay squarely on the sweet side of my coffee, and cold-brewing is the perfect process for bringing out the sweet flavors.)

Have yet to try hot-brew insta-cooled through a serpentine as it comes out, a.k.a. Japanese iced coffee (Heisenberg’s non-Jesse lab assistant was making that in Breaking Bad if anyone remembers). Someday.

I bought a Baratza Vario grinder about 8 or 9 years ago and have mostly done manual pour over, which is my preferred method, the Chemex being my go-to, with a v2 Able metal filter. for beans, I try to buy Doi Chaang. I roasted my own beans once and would like to do that more…but lazy. :wink:

I had an aero press and disliked it. I had a espro press dual filter french press, didn’t care for it. bought a Frieling and both my wife and I really like it.

one day I hope to get myself a Rocket Cellini or Apartmento.