How many of you patreon audio reviewers?

You don’t have to name them just interested that’s all… me i’m down with Chris because I’m iem driven and he’s all about the music :musical_score: …no I don’t believe all the hype but he’s given a big poke to the lazy? :open_mouth: boutique US etc brands to up their game value wise :+1:

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If I was more of an iem guy, I’d give to Chris, no doubt. I love his presentation, attitude, and focus. Music wise, I think he’s definitely more treble tolerant than I am, so I have to watch out for that. Otherwise, no, I don’t give to audio reviewers.

I’d become a patron of M0N though, lol


I don’t even do anything lol, go use you money for some cool stuff

That’s why I’d give to you, you’d just give it back to me, but I’d still feel good for donating.


That’s a pretty great idea for a service lol


Everybody join M0N’s patreon so he can buy me the Focal Elegia…I mean to support M0N. :wink:


Seriously debating these as my close back cans… But the Aeon 2 are getting recommend a lot…

The LCD xc looks cool too.

I rather like the sound of the Clears with my hands covering the back when I adjust them. I was hoping that’s what the Elegia would sound…

But I don’t think that’s the case☹️

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I would personally take the aeon 2 closed over the lcd xc for listening, and the elegia is pretty nice too. They are pretty good and are a great closed back with focal sound. But I do think the clears are better, but for a closed option the elegia is pretty competitive tbh

Just sold my Neumann NDH 20. Now it’s time to get serious and figure out what to buy… :sunglasses:

Zeos naturally. lol

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Pretty new to this hobby, so none atm. Although Zeos yard sale thing sounds pretty enticing. I like Joshua Valour’s and DMS’s content a lot as well.

I Patreon Zeos. Cant wait for those reviews. And a lot of people watch him so if he gives a good review on something it wont be sold out if i want one lol

You should open your own Patreon Mon.

Does M0N need a patreon… lol. I mean not trying to judge or anything… but he seems to be sufficiently ‘funded’ one way or another. haha

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I was thinking it… you said it :sunglasses:

Have thought about it but it seems my monthly support of donations barely are enough for me, myself and i. So… not yet.

Yeah I don’t see why I would have one lol, I don’t provide content nor do I rely on it for my well-being, doesn’t make much sense to me

You give out very value advice in a timely manner. very timely lol. i would patreon you. over Zeos even lol

I need M0N to have a patreon to give me nice tings, lol.

I’m sure there are better ways to go about getting free stuff

Lol, if I review some cheap ass Chinese crap and give it a 5 star review on Amazon, I can keep the crappy free tings. :laughing:

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