How many of your HP's/IEM's do you use weekly?

If you don’t why do you hold on to them?

Me my HP’s 1 or 2 times each month…IEM’s all weekly.

I currently use like 4-5 hps weekly some of them on dayly basis.
With IEMs I currently use mostly legecy 3 with some switch to voyager 3 and blon.

Most of those I use are rather new so I am trying to find what I like mostly.

Those that I don’t use I still consider good and are mostly cheeper :pie: so no real point to get rid of them.


IEMS or buds I rotate between around 3 depending on mood or music I want to listen to that day on my breaksd at work. I listen to my 990 or 58x everyday for gaming when I wind down at the end of my day or use buds when Im in bed watching sitcoms or anime


4-5 of each per week, because why not!


Work desk: Blon BL-03
Home desk: Argons & TYGR 300Rs
Living Room: KPH30I & KSC75 (just in case GF is watching something on TV I don’t like)
In bed: Final Audio E2000

5 other headphones need to sell
3 other IEMs need to sell.


For headphones, I tend to pick a couple sets and listen to just those for a week or so at a time, then rotate to another couple sets. Some come up in rotation more often than others. IEMs, I only have a couple sets and rotate less often. I always have my Liberty Air 2 TWS in my pocket, and mostly at night keep my Hiby R5 with Shuoer Tapes on the nightstand or for wondering around the house. The ‘why hang onto them’ question (in combination with ‘you’ve spent how much on headphone crap?’ from the wife) recently struck a chord and I sold a bunch of stuff.


Right now I mostly use Headphones.

I stopped using IEM’s for routine listening since I’m mostly home at my desk. Tho if I did, I’d use a Sony MDR AS 800AP as my IEM of choice- I got it on sale for $15.

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I only use iems at work and they are not anything special at all. One is an old pair of Scosche IEM856MD’s and the other is the samsung/akg buds that came with the s9. I still want to try those Blon BL-03’s for a work pair. I will play with at least seven or eight of my headphones in a week though. With the exception of my Sennheisers that I rarely use sounding similar and my Sundara and 400i being similar every other pair of headphones I have sound so different from each other I am constantly swapping.

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3 headphones.
1 - work and 2 - home.

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Rotation. I put a headphone on for at least a day and up to a week. Always changing up, because variety is Awesome! :+1:

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TH-X00 Ebonies daily a couple hours with my XD-05 Plus in the balcony for music.

DT1990 3 or 4 hours per day, gaming and movies.

Lcd2c and Iems a few times per week.

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Due to my wife working from home I use my dt770 daily as she is video conferencing a lot and I’m in a one bedroom apartment so I need the isolation. DCA Aeon 2 incoming.

For most music listening to clam me down after a shit day at work I grab the HE500. Things just sound right on it.

My Boreallis is sitting around until I get a couple headbands I ordered. Then I plan to replace the headband. The stock one is comfortable for me but meh.

My hd580 I don’t really use too much but hey it’s discontinued and it’s not going to fetch that much money if I sell it. It was one of my first purchases at 80 bucks and maybe I’ll finally get a tube amp to run it on.

Yeah I need to sell my modded Sony MA900. Don’t think they really scratch an itch the others do but the soundstage is huuuuuuggggee.

Ksc75 with parts express headband for occasional listening not at my desk.

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At home it’s pretty much a a back and forth between my ZMF Eikon and Focal Clear Pro. Sometimes I’ll wear one exclusively for a a day or two and other times I’ll switch between the two in the same day depending on the music I’m listening to as well. HD 6xx gets used a lot less often probably 2-3 times a month, but when I do plug them in, it’s always a great listening experience through my Hagerman Tuba.

At work or on the go It’s either my Moondrop Starfield or now my recently acquired Focal Elegia for full sized listening, both ran from my Ibasso DX160 4.4mm balanced.

Since the Elegia is rather new to me I’ve also been running it through it’s paces at home on the main system. I find it to sound wonderful on the RNHP.

I also have the Koss Triforce on hand for those times I just want simplicity, KSC75 is my go to when I just have a 15-20min chunk of time and want to listen to a few tunes.

So I guess I use regularly on a weekly basis consistently 3 headphones, 1 IEM.

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