How Motu M2 DAC compares to Ifi Zen DAC?

At the moment I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 but I’m not using it’s audio output, I’m using the output from my mac. I also have an XLR microphone that I use with the Scarlett and it demands a ton of gain to get healthy sound levels. I’m also in search of a DAC to use with my Fiio FH3.
Long story short, I’m thinking of getting an Ifi Zen DAC, and then I got a question. Does the Motu M2 is able to replace both Scarlett and Ifi Zen for my needs?
Motu M2 has better gains then Scarllet for the microphone and as far I was able to see it has a better DAC as well than Scarlett.

The iFi Zen is probably a better DAC and the M2 is a side grade from the 2i2 in most regards (except the mic-preamps, maybe).

Alternatively to the M2, the Zoom UAC-2 could be an option.

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