How much am i losing using BT 5.0 vs aptx/Ldac

So my phone (Pocophone F1) is on its last few legs and I’ve decided to replace it
the phone I want to buy, Samsung S20 FE, doesn’t Aptx/Ldac (as far as I can tell all Samsung have only “regular” BT).

Up until now iv’e been using a BTR5 and TRN20S (both support LDAC and Aptx HD), and I’ve really happy with them. Now the truth is that aptx should be enough in terms of bandwidth (I use Deezer hifi, which offers flac or 320kbs ), but downgrading to BT 5.0 does worry me a bit that I might be losing out.

So first does anyone have any negative experience moving to regular BT over aptx?