How much hi-fi equipment do we need?

I currently have a few days off that I spend at home.

As my nickname suggests, I love music and spend a lot of time on it.

Over the years, this has become more and more refined and fortunately I have access to very high quality HiFi components through professional and private contacts. It is therefore possible for me to test them at home in peace and quiet for myself.

Sometimes I could not resist the temptation and then bought some parts.

A lot came together over the course of time and yesterday I asked myself:

What I use regularly, what I still find attractive, which parts I only bought because they were cheap or at the time, which parts I wanted Make a statement to be as good as possible in front of friends or neighbors.
Which equipment is so good that I have not always learned to appreciate it, but with a lot of admiration and love
(and I’m not talking about my wife, for whom these attributes and many more apply of course).

To what extent has my hearing behavior and preferences changed over the years and what are the consequences for my technical equipment?

All of this and more has brought me to astonishing insights and now ensures that I will sell a lot and plan only a few, but high-quality parts for the future.

Which earphones do I use the most:

Certainly my Sennheiser Momentum Wireless, namely every time I leave my apartment and am on the go.

I also regularly use my Bose SoundSport Free for training.

Mobility has established itself in the office as well as at home.
Because of the now extraordinarily good sound qualities of In-Ears and their comfort, I have almost only been using them for almost a year now.

In the office I use AirPods for music and phone calls and at home my Fiio collection M11, M11 pro and BTR5 together with my Andro‘s and my future 64 Audio‘s, i can move freely anywhere, living room, kitchen, bedroom, hobby room, terrace and garden.

With all this new knowledge, why do I need an Audiovalve Luminare for example?

I always have the option of wearing hardware of the tonal quality of a Focal Stellia or ZMF Veritè Closed, without having to compromise or look funny.

Most of my equipment will be sold sooner or later.

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You and Shane are on the same page

I think this gets alot of people myself included. I went a little crazy in January and did a ton of listening and learning but once you narrow down what you’re after and why it feels good to slow down listen and enjoy.

Purging can be liberating too :raised_hands:

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why do you need more? because of reasons! :smiley:


Moar please lol


That’s how I actually thought until I got out all my equipment these days and thought about when I last used every single part, for what specifically and above all how often.
In fact, at least 60-70% are just lying around and dusting over time :thinking:

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I make sure to use my entire collection in rotation one for a decent amount of time in a period of two weeks (I try at least lol)

Hm, in my case the better is the enemy of the good.
For example: Since I have the Fiio FH7, I have not used the whole ChFi stuff anymore, since the Andro’s the FH7 is mostly only in the drawer and only comes into my ears on a few occasions.
The same applies to ES100 vs. IFI cCan vs. BTR5 and so on.

Why should I do mediocrity when better things are available?

In retrospect, I have to say that I grew into the HiFi world in this way, but it cost me a lot of money in addition.

And if newcomers look here in the forum and see what is going on here, and also watch the videos of the relevant reviewers, something like buying addiction can arise.

If I see how some have expanded their portfolio over the past few weeks and months, this impression could arise.

Maybe I should assume that everyone is grown up here and knows very well how to handle money.

You know, the psychologist in me :face_with_monocle:

IDK why but I legit still enjoy my lower end stuff sometimes as much as my higher end, I don’t get it lol

It all depends on the user there are a couple of main types of personal audio ventricle audio philes the colleectors and the one and done. And for many collectors like myself they keep generally whatever as long as it brings any sort of value they enjoy from it

Need is not a synonym for want…

I haven’t been lucky enough to ever try HiFi equipment, so by no means am I complaining that seemingly lower tier audio equipment is improving at such a low cost per performance ratio (or at least I’ve been told). The fact that I grabbed the NightHawks from MusicDirection for $200 seems like a steal to me, while other cans I own like the X2s are cheaper but still admirable products. I’m not complaining.


I’ve heard some hifi stuff and I still think this is a steal :wink:


brain damage from the frigid mid-US winters!!!


I don’t know but…
I need more!

I get enjoyment from my stuff. All my stuff, Hi-Fi and otherwise. Everything brings something of value to the table in my eyes. As with any hobby, i grow into it with experience and knowledge. Sometimes i will let go of beginner pieces to friends or others who are also looking to learn. I go out of my way to take care of each and every piece and learn its nuances. I’m a bit older and learned the hard way over years to take my time with the things i get enjoyment from.

Over the years i have made good purchases and poor. Money is of little value if you don’t get enjoyment or sustenance out of it, time is precious though and you should enjoy every minute of every day, you can never have wasted time back, with good health and hard work you can re-coup money. I try and get value out of my time by using it to enjoy life. My hobbies are my enjoyment, the stuff is just along for the ride🤗
Happy listening to all.


Oops, that sounds a little rude.
Hmmm, and a LIKE for this, among others from the superstar of this forum, well questionable!

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The like is meant to be a subtle acknowledgement from M0N that he does indeed suffer brain damage. However, that brain damage seems to have made him a superstar. So everything is okay.


from the outside, mebe…but we’re all friends here and bug / joke / poke fun at each other. that’s why M0N clicked like, cause he laughed. :smiley:

The correct answer is all of it! :slightly_smiling_face: