How much to sell B&W DM604 for?

I have a set of B&W DM604 speakers what i can i get for them?

There are at least 3 version of that model.
Would help to know what ‘series’ they are.
Are they B&W DM604 (S1 = first ones) or B&W DM604 S2 and B&W DM604 S3.

Color and condition etc.
Any knowledge from what year they are, first owner and any original cardboard packaging etc.

Sorry S1 original first ones, black and great shape, original owner from brand new

Many people sold them in a price range of 400-600…ish.
Country differences of course.
Few had 500 price mentioned.

Those are probably the ranges they sale and move in market.

You also could ask some local or nearby audio stores that sell used speakers, what they think they would be worth. :slight_smile: Few pictures along and email.

A good place to start is using and look at past sales to get an idea on used value