How should I upgrade?

I use SIMGOT EM6L and I am very satisfied. It is a great pleasure to listen to music with him. I can easily understand the location of the players while playing the game. I want to upgrade to a higher model. What do you recommend I buy? I have a budget of $400. I used Truthear Zero, but the sounds were too complicated, I didn’t like it at all and returned it. I hope I was able to explain my taste in sound.

+Ikko Oh5: warm, relaxed sound with meaty mids. Good scene and nuanced sound.

+Doscinco: More natural tone with very powerful bass, enough detail, good scene, layer management and contrast.

+Campfire Holocene: The most detailed/technical, good scene, less bass impact but very musical too.

@VIVIDICI_111 sort this brother out!

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Try ZIIGAAT Cincotres :+1:

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