How should the Frequency Response of the headphone to hear the footsteps well?

I’ve been told that the bass should be “rolled off”, yet I find a lot of gaming headsets have huge base in their graphs…I don’t know about the mids and trebles…should they be recessed? Can I have a specific explanation of the sound style dedicated for FPS? DMS has mentioned that the FR of the PC38X was perfect for gaming…

^ close to neutral bass… a little bass is okay it’s that rumble that is the issue. Mids I don’t agree with on pc38x… as you can see they slow downwards a bit there(preference)… but the upper mids and treble is raised(which is what you want)… this is in the sense the most -ideal- signature really… which is why it’s highly regarded… but this particular headset is awful for music as it’s sound quality is meh, soundstage is slightly above average, and imaging again… slightly above the average. though for gaming headsets? best in the bunch for competitive gamers easily

Your footsteps are located from the upper mids throughout your treble… along with your bullet travel, glass shatters, breathing, etc. Bass does have some placements… which is why a bit is okay… these are your deep floorboards, stomping, deep sounding gunfire, tanks, etc. And of course, if characters speak in game… your mids are your vocals…

You have “perfect for competitive gaming” “perfect for casual gaming” and just “perfect for gaming”… PC38x is more in line with competitive than it is a casual… Tygr fits more in line with all the above and has better sound quality, better soundstage, better imaging, better separation, it lacks in the mids and the treble in comparison

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Which Frequency range does the footstep noise belong to? Is it the mid- treble?

As per DankPods and Rtings:

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So…is the PC38X emphasized in the footsteps range? DMS said that it lets you hear better in gaming…

As far as I am concerned, as long as bass does not mess up the mids, you can hear footsteps.

Communication/Map awareness wins you more than footsteps.

I see. Thanks!

And do you think the T1 gen 2 fits in the “all gaming” side?

For me personally? Yeah, so is the 1990… but I definitely would switch the pads over to something of less brightness like a leather or suede to bring in the bass more and dial back the treble tones.

Anything emphasized in the treble, bonus points for increased upper mids, will allow you to hear better in an fps… I have sat down and tested this by a pretty big margin to make sure that’s correct… The bass is only a big issue when it’s too emphasized and causes that rumble sound in the low end… if this is not the case you shouldn’t have much issues with the low end of that particular headphone. Gaming headsets are tuned to cater to both casual and competitive though in some cases like the mh751/2 it caters more towards the competitive signature with the mh752 having a built in equalizer allowing you to use it more casually… this is why some or bassy as hell this isn’t good for competitives but they are gaming brand variety they sell regardless. One of the bigger offenders is HyperX Flight with it’s stock pads… it’s ridiculously bassy and rumbling so it’s completely in the way though it does a great job casually and musically it’s not too bad.

You don’t -need- the ideal signature… it’s only going to help you so much in the long run it will depend on your skill as a player… it just can help. Soundstage and Imaging are your biggest concerns after that… all preference of the player really… I mean, you can use a nighthawk carbon which is a dark and bassy headphone and it works fine as well just not to the -ideal- degree of the brighter headphones. Tygr 300r isn’t a bright headphone it’s a warm headphone with a touch of brightness or a more subtle V signature and it does splendidly.

Look at the frequency charts before asking these questions… it takes but a second to look up the frequency charts through something like google or something from people who have measurement rigs… is the treble raised above neutral? no? then it’s not emphasized in the footstep range.

give an example… this is the 3rd gen T1 below

as you can see… it’s primarily in the low end thats raised and the upper mids and treble both dip hard… while the treble presence is still there the bass most definitely has rumble and a lot of bass quantity. below that you see the normal harman curve.

above is the 2nd gen of the T1 where the lower bass is a little below neutral but rises all the way throughout the mids dipping in the upper mids then just spiking up for it’s treble. This works fine despite that amount of added bass tonality.

DT 1990

blue are the B pads… these add too much bass this should be a given just by looking at that… but the A pads are heavily tonally balanced which is why the 1990 works so well in most cases… useing a filter dials back the 8k peak and brings in the bass a bit as well… which makes the 1990 extremely versatile for gaming in multiple cases like the T1 can post pad swap

PC38x may be alright but it suffers for music and sound quality… it’s the best headset for sure… but comparing it to headphones no, it loses by a pretty good margin… I like the 38x after sitting with it for weeks… looking at the price tag it’s definitely a good value but I would handsdown take any of my post $200+ headphones over it especially if we contend with the DT 880…

I didn’t mention the HD800s… is it better than the T1 gen2 in terms of gaming overall? The two are very similar headphones after all…

overall gaming? no. I hate hd800s for anything outside of competitive

Is it good enough for competitive? I’ve been told that it doesn’t give accurate positioning with enemies above.

had no issues with the beyers or hd800S on above head imaging. Either someones deaf, blowing smoke, or had a bad chain connected to the headphone of sorts… HD800S and T1.2 can place sniper shots even depending on the game and I have played tarkov on both where I can definitely tell if somethings up stairs or not

I think the T1 might be better for me since I listen to mostly EDM music…Were this two the best cans for gaming(competitive, casual)?