How to always get the same volume? (app/program?)

I use the xduoo xd 05 plus, and to turn it off you turn down the volume knob down to zero. well technically past, but it also dosen’t have numbers or stops so there’s no way of getting the same volume except if you do it by eye. is there a program on windows i could possibly install? like to always have it at the same volume, maybe that tells me at what decibel it’s running

so you want to leave it On all the time and not have to eyeball the sound level?
I mean basically just never turn it off and do not touch volume, plug in to get power again.

Or just listen to proper volume (calibrate ears on listening levels) and not eyeball volume nub.
Or just volume nub (device / app / OS) like normally and adjust on different songs to proper levels.

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