How to connect active speakers and active subwoofer

My actual configuration is as follows:

PS4 goes to TV using HDMI.

TV goes to Topping DX3 Pro (headphone amp and DAC) using optical cable.

Topping DX3 Pro goes to JBL 305p using RCA to 6,3 mm cable. The cable has two RCA and two 6,3 mm outputs.

This is working great. At the beginning I was turning on and off the speakers, but then I realized that they have a sleep mode, and the Dac also shuts down by itself.

Now I want to use a small (8 inch) Klipsch active subwoofer. I am using this one on a desktop solution, with the Kef Egg, which have a subwoofer output. Here I am using a 3,5mm to RCA cable, and it is also working great.

I don’t know how to use the subwoofer with the JBL and topping configuration. May something like this work? (RCA splitter) or should I do something different?

I came without any idea, and the splitter option came to my mind while I was writing, but I don’t know if it’s a good or bad idea.

Depends on your budget, but a simple RCA splitter would be the easiest and cheapest opinion, since both the sub and the speakers are active, and I assume the sub have an inbuilt Low Pass Filter (I believe all Klipsch subs have one).

If you have the budget for it, and like to fiddle around with your gear, I’d recommend getting a DSP instead, since you then can both Low Pass the sub, and Hight Pass the speakers, so the speakers don’t try to play the deep notes that the sub is supposed to play. This also gives you the opinion to room correct the sub and speakers, and (depending on the DSP) will give you a powerful Parametric EQ that you can play with to make your speakers sound better.

But yes, a RCA splitter would work no problem, it’s not a bad idea at all

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Ok, the DSP makes a lot of sense. This should be a temporary, provisional setup for my TV. The JBL sounds just great, but they are ugly for a living room, and they don’t have enough bass to fill the room.

I will look for the DSP options, I don’t know how expensive they might be, but it might be worth it.

And, you were right, the Subwoofer has a low pass filter, so that, at least, should do something.

Tip: you could also go this way.

Also for super easy connection. Current speaker cables go in the sub and pair or XLR cables from sub goes to speakers.

Many active monitors use this type of connection with sub. Also usually from same company so they work well together.

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Yes, that would be the ideal set-up, but the subwwofer issue pretty expensive, compared with the speakers, and there’s absolutely no used market for it. I would gladly spend around 200€ on the subwoofer, but 400€ is slightly too much for a provisional setup. I don’t know what I am going to do in the end, but I know that the 305p are not going to be the final solution for the living room.
I like the Kef ls50 wireless II, but some people say that they have a bright sound signature, and they lack proper bass for a TV setup…

Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile: