How to connect speakers?

Hello guys
I have just received my new pair of Adam A5X speakers and having a little problem connecting it.
I am trying to connect it to my Schiit Asgard 3 AMP, audio devices recognize speakers but there is no sound.
I have connected each speaker with mono RCA cable to PRE OUT in my AMP. No sound
Help please
( I have never had speakers before)

speakers on rca cable from pre out on the asgard to the rca input on the speakers. make sure you have a source that can play and one last thing, the asgard if it sees a headphone plugged in, shuts down the preamp out.

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It’s always a good thing to read the manual.

In most cases they do help. Unless understanding what you are reading is a issue.

The problem was with the cables. For some reason I had to plug them in and out for like 15 times, after that all started to work :slight_smile:

I have a paper version of those manuals but thanks.