How to connect Sub to Topping Dx3 Pro + Edifier 1700bt?

Hey all,

Looking to get a sub for my desktop setup. Currently I have a Topping Dx3 Pro connected to Edifier 1700BT and was wondering how I would connect a powered sub to this configuration? Not looking to get a passive sub to make things simpler.
Still haven’t chosen a sub yet so looking for recommendations, budget of $200 - 400.


Good option would be buy a subwoofer (near the 400 range) that has RCA/XLR inputs and RCA/XLR outputs for speakers/signal going the crossover.
The connection line would be Dx3 → singal → Subwoofer → signal → Speakers.
Sub takes the low end and limits the FR range on speakers. Plus probably some other adjustment options. The more the merrier, goes with adjustments as well.
Depending on sub of course.

The cheaper solution.
You would need 2 x RCA-splitter cables.
So from Dx3 → Slitters → A1 pair going to Edifier and B1 pair going to Subwoofer.
Bad thing might be… the speakers will play their full range and only you can adjust the frequency range of the SUB, if it’s available. Simple / cheaper subs usually don’t have good adjustments.

Hey man thanks for the reply!

By signal do you mean RCA cables?

If the selected sub would have XLR inputs. You can use RCA-XLR cables.
Same signal goes in both cables and connections.

Got it, many thanks for the clear explanation!
Looking at a second hand Wharfdale powercube 12+ for about $280 NZD

Can I check how you connect the DX3 Pro to the Edifiers? And which one you generally use to control the volume (ie the DX3 Pro remote or Edifier remote?)

Reason I ask is that if you connect them using RCA cables (normal audio cables) and control the volume from the Edifier, I think a better option would be to use the 3.5mm Sub Out jack on the back of the Edifier speaker.

This way the volume to the Sub is controlled at the same level as the speakers as you increase or decrease the volume, once you get mix right when first connect them and adjust levels on the Sub to where you are happy.

There is also this statement from the Edifier manual “The ‘Sub Out’ port on the rear panel of the active speaker has a detection function. When the port is connected with an external subwoofer, the speaker’s own bass will be reduced, and the bass will be mainly output from the subwoofer connected”. This may help get a better balance of sound.

Just realised you said Edifier 1700BT. It is the 1700BTs that has a Sub Out. If you do have the 1700BT then apologies as I’ve misled you above.

In that case then yes, connect to the Sub first from DX3 Pro. If it is the Warfdale you get you may be lucky as I’m quite sure these have stereo RCA in (from DX3 Pro) and RCA out, which you can then connect the Edifier.

If you do this, best option would be to control the volume from the DX3 Pro in that case. When you switch to Line Out on the DX3 Pro, leave it at the first option to allow volume control. Set the level to something like -10 on the DX3 Pro, and then set the Sub and Edifier to a reasonably high sound level that is close to as loud as you would want and adjust the Sub volume to a mix that you’re happy with, then drop the volume on the DX3 Pro and the Sub and Edifier should lower at the same time and maintain a good mix between them.

Yeah it’s exactly as you’ve said, Wharfedale has RCA In/Out. Was really hoping I would be able to continue controlling the volume with the DX3 Pro so thanks for the great input!
Hoping to get that sub to complete the setup.