🌐 How to Music Talk

We can sometimes forget that HiFi, Headphones, Speakers and all this hardware circle-jerking exist for a sole purpose…

Listening to Music

Use this place to discuss your favorite bands, What you just found, what you started to hate because their recording quality was SH|T and damn it Queens of the stone age WHY!!!FFF.

I might throw a few topics up about Run the Jewels or those “BrickWallHater” albums that found their way onto demonoid back in the day. But mostly this is your place


Couldn’t agree more!

In fact I’m currently working on a headphone design of my own and I’m deliberately tuning and voicing it based on all kinds of music first and then by measurements. I bet many, if not most companies/engineers are doing the opposite.

Zeos, what do you think about setting up something for like a “guide” for Music as well?

I know that sounds a bit bizarre, but…

  1. I’m sure lot of people like the genres of music you’re usually listening to (including myself).
  2. I’m sure there are a lot of go to tracks that you have for assessing a particular headphone/speaker characteristic. Like Mombasa, right? :smiley:
  3. It would really be helpful for everybody to have a go to list of tracks for assessing particular traits like soundstage, imaging, dynamics, transients, etc.

Zeos need to post the full list fo his songs… TBs of it :smirk_cat:

STEVEN WILSON cd´s do have a f***ing incredible sound quality! Give it a listening…image