How to proper clean an IEM?

How you guys clean your IEMs? I have a small brush that I use to remove the excess of wax but I always have the impression that part of the wax is being pushed inside the IEM.

Also, the mesh grid of the IEM sometimes gets loose during cleaning :frowning_face:

I get my ears microsuctioned every year, it removes wax quickly and it’s painless, pretty cheap in the UK. Using IEM’s regularly can effect the bodies natural process of shedding wax so well worth the cost imho.

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Hmm, I think I was not clear enough, my bad. I was talking about the actual IEM and not the ears. But you raised a good point, I never ever did any kind of ear cleaning like that.

This is a picture of my Blon showing the mesh grid getting loose during the cleaning. I fear of using alcohol and make it even worse by removing the glue of the grid.

You could try a keyboard vac while cleaning :man_shrugging:

I love these kinds of threads that surround the hobby but most overlook but are very impactful overall.

I do not have a lot of wax in my ears generally and I clean my ears regularly with hydrogen peroxide. I also have ear drops I use every few months. I have never had an issue with anything getting in contact with the actual IEM or IEM nozzle filter.

I have a ton of microfiber cloths and clean the IEM shells with them. I’ll use a little hydrogen peroxide if I want some moisture to help remove any debris/residue from the shell, but a clean cloth should be more than enough.

Tip cleaning is important and should be done more often than probably happens. You can just run them under water, but I again like dipping them in hydrogen peroxide to remove ear wax. I dry them off with a towel and completely dry them with this…
…to make sure there is never any moisture getting into the IEM.

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