How to use both speakers and headphones in the same dac?

So I have the Topping D50S and Monolith THX 887. I have them paired with my HD660S but I also have a Bose sound bar on my desk. Any chance I can connect it to my AMP while switching between both whenever I feel like it?

edit: I have that soundbar because it fits right underneath my monitors. perfect length, doesnt go past my monitors :smiley:

edit 2: does even connecting a bose sound bar to the amp even matter?

From the RCA Pass, you could connect AMP with RCA to 3.5mm Bose.
Still would be good to check the manual.

Would prefer using a Digital input to Bose Bar if it would be possible.

What do you mean by Digital Input?

edit: thought i replied to you

HDMI (arc) and Optical In.

Okay, where do I plug in the optical cable from the sound bar to on my AMP? I don’t have one on it. I do have one on the back of the DAC though.

Sorry for confusing you.
I typed “if it would be possible” but the AMP does not have a digital output.
Your DAC only has Digital input, so no digital output.

So it is not possible to use digital connection.
What i meant was, i would use the digital connection instead the RCA-3.5mm if it would be possible.

Oh! I totally misread that haha.

Okay so after I connect it to my amp, how do I switch back and forth between my headphone and speaker?

On Windows, I can choose my D50S as a source.

The AMP might feed both outputs at the same time? Haven’t read the manual in that detail.
So you just turn the Bose On, sound comes out.

How about getting a Schiit Sys and just switching the analog out of the DAC between the THX and the Bose anytime you wanted?

Hm okay, I might try that. I happen to have lost the manual for the amp :frowning:

I don’t wanna return, I’ll work with what I got but I appreciate the recommendation/help <3

Copy that. I have had to come up with a couple of creative approaches to resurrect some of my older stuff around here. It can be challenging and fun at the same time.

I meant to ask you, how do you like the Monolith THX amp? I’m trying to figure out my next HPA and the Monolith is on my short list. This and the Singxer SA-1 Class A amp, seems like it may be coming down to those 2. I’m split right down the middle!

sorry for late reply, had work and babysitting all day.

The Monolith THX amp is pretty amazing, relistened to so some 2000s hiphop and current and it’s made me realize how shit i’ve been listening to them. aka beats headphone, car audio, youtube. The D50S, Monolith THX and HD660S is my first purchase into the world audio. Definitely gonna grab me some wireless earbuds at some point.