How will prices be affected by the tariffs going into 2021?

So this discussion is a bit meta in that it effects A great deal of Audio gear and equipment. But I have heard news that PC components particularly GPUs will have a massive price spice as the “new” terrifs go into effect with the start of this year. And that said terrif increases extend to all audio equipment made or at leased sourced from china. I am not in the know for how much this will affect prices or when or how effects will be seen. And I thought to ask the community hear if they had any hard knowledge of what will happen.

TSM is building a huge plant in arizona. micron already manufactures in the USA. Global foundries manufactures in the USA. maybe short term, but long term not so much for gpu’s.

audio on the other hand, will just be 3rd partied to taiwan or vietnam or indonisia or korea ect. ie not being directly imported from china. will raise the prices some.

but im not sure that tariff will stick around.

edit: current tarriff is 17%. new tariff 25%