Hs8s vs lsr310s vs t10s vs anything good around 350 gbp

Hiya folks

Any good subs available in the UK to match a pair of hs5’s in a medium-sized room? I personally prefer it to go really low and precise but it looks like those boxes should be really big and more expensive in this case? Anyway, looking forward for some advice. Thx :slight_smile:

I mean if you can get the matching sub that would be pretty sweet imo

So, are you pointing at the hs8s?

Correct, I think the pairing just works well and there isn’t much hassle because it’s pretty much designed to work with your speaker

You can always argue about how “low” and very next thing is loud, it should be.
Yamaha kinda being donkey about the exact info, but at least one measurements show it’s around 33hz ±3db. But you just cannot go small enclosure/boxes plus go low & or loud at the same time. Specially with modest / low budget.

I would still pick the HS8S in this case.