I already have an SMSL AD18, can I do better for around $150?

I’ll start off by listing what I currently have; SMSL AD18, COVO-S speakers, Fidelio X2HR and HD 58X headphones for my desk, and I’m buying MB42X speakers for my TV. Now, do I buy a cheap dac/amp for the TV or do I give the TV my AD18 and buy something new for the desk? I don’t want to spend more than $150, and whatever I get would need AUX in, USB in, and headphone and speaker out. I absolutely need it to be an all-in-one unit. No stacks. For a while I was wanting a Loxjie A30, but it’s missing an AUX in and it’s also too pricey. I was also considering a Topping MX3, but that doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Is there anything else worth looking at or should I stick with the AD18 and buy something else for the TV? Or should I just get a second AD18? Suggestions?

loxjie a30! i have a subwoofer and that full size sub out is nice to have. and also i like the 6.35 mm for my headphones instead of using 3.5mm. but all that said it should not affect sound. so if youre strict on the 150 then i guess just get a second ad18… but it would not be bad bad idea to get something different and then you can do A vs B comparison and thats really fun to mess with for a bit.