I am hard of hearing and need recommendations

i normal wear hearing aids but when I am on my PC they come out. I have never owned a good pair of headphones, i currently use a arctic 5 steel series headset and i want to purchase my first real headphones. iv used mostly in ear headphones but these headphones will only be used for my PC i bought my first XLR (at2020) mic and interface (focusrite 2i2 3rd gen) that’s the only audio equipment i own. i am worried about damaging my hearing but i want loudness and quality but my budget is 200usd i prefer over ear but know next to nothing about audio but i want to lean and experience it. i listen to alot of rap pop and 70-90s rock less rock recently. but i need recommendations to pair with my 2i2 better than my gaming headset im excited to start but scared of dishing out cash but im hoping i can find great headphones i love music and it keeps me from my depression pls help.

Are you looking for something close or open?

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im open to either

im looking for over ear theses will primarily be used for music and anime and stuff not gaming

i was recomended the dt 880s recently by a buddy and also the 770/990 as well as HIFIMAN HE-400I

So with those headphones it would most likely be a great pick, but you would want an amp like the magni 3+ to go along with them to drive them properly, you would connect it to the monitor out of your interface

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i wont be able to buy one for amp for a couple months (corona virus reduced work hours) will my AI damage these or not power them? i will buy a amp i just need to save up a little of each pay period between bills. so i will be using just the AI for a bit

Gotcha. Well for what you listen to the dt770 250 ohm does sound up your alley, and also is something you can most likely drive out of your scarlett for the time being imo

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would you recommend the 770 over the 990/880?

i have never owned headphones that cost over $100 so iv never owned open back so i don’t know anything about the sound profile. my wife is into the hentai and porn and we live alone SO i am not worried about people LOL

So, I do think the 990 250 ohm will be up your alley but I worry they might not get loud enough for you, but I don’t know the extent of the hearing issues. The 990 will sound pretty open, expansive, a bit of a v shape but with strong treble (with the 990 I would recommend a liquid spark amp to control treble a bit) and have very good imaging and soundstage, more natural than the 770 250 ohm which would have more of an emphasis on subbass but still v shaped, but not as good separation and detail but more impact imo

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Have you looked into Bluetooth hearing aids? My good friends son is hard of hearing and needs to use hearing aids. he got a new pair last year that has built in bluetooth. says music sounds good on them. just a thought.

Gl on your search and i hope you have many hours ahead enjoying music.

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so to explain my deafness if i was around you having a conversation you would probably not notice i have degrading hearing so its more going away slowly then me being just not able to hear now but i have trouble hear things further away rather then close so if you talked to me from in the other side of a door it would be like placing your hands over your ears loosely and doing the same so essentially things are easily muffled and things that are muffled are MEGA muffled

Ahhhhh ok, so actually some dynamic range compression might be helpful here. Hmmmm. I think the 770 might be a bit more compressed sounding as it would allow you to hear the quieter sounds easier (although I don’t think I would call either really compressed or anything)

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If you’re on a tight budget, and need something easy drive, then the ATH M40x may also be an option. Did you try the Hifi Guides selection tool (if you want more options)? It will let you filter by price and the need for an amp.

I don’t trust the guide really, it is barely updated and has a lot of problems lol.
M40x do sound like they might be good here, from what people say about them. There’s also the DT770 250 ohm which I can say has a lot of good detail in the treble, and really nice kick and punch in the sub-bass.

Have you looked at the guide recently? It’s definitely no substitute for proper reviews and advice. But is useful for generating a quick list of cheap, easy to drive headphones that are decent.

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I am not sure if headphones are the answer. Given, I have no idea about hearingloss, hearing aids, etc.

Maybe a pair of speakers with an EQ and hearing aids in is a better path?

Something to look at that I’ve heard rave reviews… This neck loop uses the coupling T-coil feature of the hearing aid. Basically… if you like the way things sound like on the hearing aide as the audiologist set up, give one of these systems a look. https://en-us.sennheiser.com/tv-listening-system-infra-red-hearing-aid-wearers-set-830-s


Yes I have, it has some good recommendations for lower cost stuff but makes some mistakes about sound signatures and has some bugs. That’s all I am saying.