I am not satisfied with my audio setup

(i am noob that started this “passion” or call it obsession for the audio not too long ago, i hope you can help me. thx)
Headphones: dt 990 pro 250 ohm
Amp: topping A50s
Dac: Topping E30

Half a year ago i bought my setup that i use for music and gaming,
i really like the sound of my dt when it come to music, i tried to eq them but i am not too good at it, i also tried some eq from oratory1990 and others, the result is that i like them without eq or i need to get more accustomed with the eq sound.
the problem is gaming (i play many competitive fps games like EFT, PUBG,Valorant and more) I find it difficult to hear some footsteps and i also have some problem with the imaging, soo i don’t know if i need to buy other headphones like hd 560s, pc38x or the problem are my dac/amp like they are too neutral or even some audio settings… (i only hope that my ears aren’t the broken one)
i hope you can help my confusion thx.

I have no experience with the DT990Pro but I doubt that your amp/dac are the problem as those are know to be very transparent and neutral. I would rather get another set of headphones like the 560S which has superb imaging.

maybe i could try with balanced cable mod? it’s worth it?

That wont change the technical performance or tuning of the headphone I guess. You would be better off getting some other headphone for gaming. If you don’t want to spent a fortune get the Koss KSC75, I use them for gaming a lot.

DT880 600 ohm are the bees knees for gaming.

I’ll try the HD 560s

someone told me “technically” my amp only goes up to 300 ohm so i don’t know

Nah, the A50s should be more than enough to move the 560s without problems. I have no numbers, and I have not tried them, but I have seen a lot of topping A50 reviews (I almost bought it) and a bunch of 560s reviews, and I would be shocked if they couldn’t move them right.

The 560s are very recommended for gaming, so I assume that they have good soundstage and imaging, I have the 58x, and they are not like that, but I have not seen anyone recommending the 58x for gaming, hehe

Yeah. The A50S will drive the 560S perfectly fine. The DT880 600ohm on the other hand might fall a bit short. You would need to run these via the balanced 4.4mm to get decent results.

It may be the headphone, myself have DT1990 and it’s very bad for gaming even with EQ, for environment awareness. I also find the imaging very bad. It tries to sound like an open IEM, to keep most of the sounds closer together, so they don’t lose amplitude. For gaming I use SHP9500 with EQ and it’s much better for footsteps even than HD800.
DT990 are semi-open. Well, Beyerdynamic never made an open back headphone, so for gaming an open back would be better.