I bought the Moondrop Kato: Nirvana

Well guys, looks like I am at this point that I can safely say that I finally got an IEM that made me shed a tear while I was listening to my own music library and that rarely happens to me, especially when I already have a decent amount of good IEMs to use. The Kato just ticks all for me on what I exactly need for my sound preference and taste and it is indeed a “Nirvana” to me.

This IEM is a Swiss army knife to me, because to me, anything that I needed from it is there for me to listen to and be satisfied with it. I am not really good at describing the technicalities of sound but I will do my best to describe the Katos based on what I am hearing from them.

These to me are the Starfields, and yes I love the Starfields back then and even to this day. But these, made me even fall in love with its sounds even more and indeed an overall improvement on each aspect of sound that I loved from the Starfields and even the Arias. Sure it’s not the most detailed IEM, sure it’s not technically impressive as the other IEMs out there, but the sounds that I love from these are improved where I can I say I fell in love again.


Congratz :fire: happy for you!

Music is all that matters :love_you_gesture:


Congrats man.

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I have to apologize for not getting into the Teas yet, for these were on sale and I cannot find a seller that sells the Teas with discounts during the 12.12 sale. And yes, I loved this they are a beauty, though I would have prefered the Matte version but there wasn’t any stock so I had to settle with the Silver gloss color.

I’ll give the Teas a cop, given the chance.


Ahah np. I feel that if you love moondrop tuning, timeless might be more on your alley tho.

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Yeah I heard as well that the 7Hz timeless is a good cop for its price. But I think I am happy with my Katos at the moment. Also after using them, I cannot help but look at them when they are just there in display they are a beauty. Sure this is the honeymoon phase, and as well the color that I have for it is a fingerprint magnet, but for its price it is one of the best.


It always brightens my day when I read about an audiophile in a state of euphoria over new gear.



Kato is indeed a great all rounder I sold my Tea’s after getting the Timeless and Kato :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Also an additional note, there are some people that are saying that the Moondrop Spring tips do not fit them or they are a bit small than the usual ear tip sizes that we are used to. I have no problems with it whatsoever for they fit me perfectly, making me feel as if I am wearing nothing at all but just the right enough seal for my ears making it comfortable. Also, the cable is an improvement over the previous stock cables of previous predecessors of the Kato, sure it’s 4 core but man it’s a beauty to use, also not janky, avoiding well from tangling.

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