I bought the Swans M5A

Thinking about pulling the trigger on these to replace my s3000pro’s in my office. For the record the s3000s are amazing, just have the itch, I’ll move the s3ks into another room. Anyone have them or any experience with them? If I know anything about swans its that it will be unavailable soon. lol


hello there,
i’m also very interested in the Swans M5A.
I also own the S3000Pro and they are amazing but i need a second pair of Speakers for my Audio Room.
But somehow they are very hard come by in Europe. Can’t find a seller who ships them to Europe.
Also on the official swanspeaker website they are out of stock.
they are bloody beautiful. And with 20+ kg per speaker, and a frequency response of 35 hz - 40 khz ± 2.5 db they are exactly what i’m looking for.
sadly there are no reviews of them yet.

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There are 9 pairs available on Amazon right now, I could have them by the end of the week, they look amazing! I saw the package weight it’s 101 pounds LOL, so temped to pull the trigger. The thing is, knowing Swan, the 9 sets will sell and they will be sold out for the next 3 years…

Well I just ordered them, we will know soon, should be her Thursday-ish Extra $120 for shipping. FYI

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I used to be interested in them before I got the S3000Pros but then these did what I wanted them to do. They also weren’t on amazon at the time and now that they are they’re a bit too pricey for what I’m willing to pay. I’d rather save for a pair of Ohm Walshes.

Ohm Walshes are butter for sure, but Im looking for active “end game” for my office, going to move the s3000 pros into the bedroom. Been eyeing them for a long time but they were never available, now there are 9 available on Amazon, well 8 now. lol

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I see they have the M300MKII’s and D300’s now as well…

can you give feedback when they arrive and how they compare to the S3000Pro ?

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You bet, they will be here tomorrow. One thing I know is they are going to be MUCH bigger and almost twice as heave. lol

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M5A vs s3000 pro these things are big AF! Roughly 45 pounds each. Sound is huge, imaging is wide and pinpoint. Still breaking them in but so far I’m in love!


Holy frick! Yeah, there’s no way I’m getting those in my house. They look great though. Do they have the dreaded hiss?

Zero hiss that I can hear. The sound… is addicting. They are %100 a huge step up over the s3000, which are going into my bedroom to replace my s2000 pros. I could not be happier with the investment.



wow they are beatiful. thank you for the report and pictures.
As soon as i can get my hands on them in the EU they’ll come into my house.

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Hi. May I please have your feedback about the swan M5A’s. I am considering them. Do they provide you with all wiring to hook to a pc tower? Do you like them? Any complaints or flaws? Thank you in advance.

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In the sprint of brevity I will say this, they are worth every penny and yes they have everything you need to hook them up to your PC if you want to use RCA, I am running XLR’s from my DX7 pro pre amp. But it comes with 3.5 to RCA for PC. The sound from these is huge, I watched new Godzilla vs King Kong movie on them yesterday and I could not stop giggling at the sound. They will have your guests looking around for the sub. I should also mention they look beautiful! Leather on the front, real wood… Top notch. People forget Swans make $45k crazy hifi towers. Side note, best remote ever made perhaps.

Sounds like my style, thanks a bunch.

Do you rest yours on the floor?

No I have 32in speaker stands.

Thank you. Can you assist me in which stands to get that would fit them well? 300 usd for pair budget.