I Don’t know where enemies are coming from

i bought the cooler master mh751 after watching zeos’s review saying that its really good for gaming but i don’t know where is where nothing sounds right someone comes from behind me but i can’t hear them, basically everything sounds centered there’s no sound stage no positional awareness at all pls help

am using the Motherboard onboard audio ( msi x370 sli plus)

This almost sounds like it’s mono, can you confirm you have stereo sound in the headphones?

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sorry i know so little about audio
what is mono ?
how can i confirm if i have stereo?

Do you hear distinct Left and Right audio?

no there’s no difference, everything is centered

Then you have an issue with the headphones or your computer audio.
First thing to check is the cable is connector is pushed all the way into the computer.
Do you have other headphones or speakers you can try the test with?

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Couldn’t he just go look in windows search > control panel > hardware and sound > Sound > under playback tab find your current defaulting device playing the sound to your speakers > right click said device > Configure speakers > will say if it’s in stereo, mono, 7.1, etc

If plug your headphones in the back you could have plugged into the center channel. If your front headphone jack isn’t configured, then you can try the line-out.

Oof man. Go to your Sound / Control Panel and go lookign for stereo vs mono settings. Look up windows audio issues as well (there’s quite a few and would take a shitload of time to explain here). If that doesn’t work then it’s your headphones / dac / amp that’s doing it. Or your mobo is boned. But that’s a nightmare I don’t want to think about.

That must be a sucky experience to play a FPS in mono.

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i tried with some old earbuds that came with my phone but i think they are broken i can only hear from the right ear , or may be my pc audio is screwed

Would highly recommend checking your ports making sure your connected correctly and the plugs are fully in… and like i listed above and pr3ss said… go into your control panel and sound go to properties on the device your using configure speakers. it will show you what sound your under and if it has both stereo and mono you can switch it from there.

Omg the sittings > Ease of access > audio > true on mono audio was my problem
thank you all for the help


There ya go. lol have fun

its been a month i was losing my mind thank you soooo much