I don’t think NTR

Likes Hifi Guides too much lol

a very salty person who still continues to misrepresent things and people in a way that he thinks benefits himself.

He really needs to stop with his nonsense.

Aye seems to suffering from little man syndrome?..funny thing is he’s already given his 119? subscribers a link to a better informed media source…keep clicking NTR massive :joy:

That thread title XD… I usually see “NTR” in a different context lol. Anyway, How did you even come across this video? It’s got like 60 views. To be fair though, the HifiGuides site isn’t all that useful by itself.

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Lol. I also made the NTR netorare connection in another thread. I called NTR a salty cuck because being into ntr implies being a cuck.

A God damn Powerpoint presentation?

I actually fell asleep watch this.

Hifiguides sites at this time is for the casual to just figure out what to generally buy and be on there merry way. What NTR is bringing up is for a audio enthusiast and the information he’s trying to shovel into people creates more question than answers. Casual listeners just ends up more confused than when they start.

Well at least I know a 119 people I can sign up for pyramid scheme.

ikr. Like wtf. And there is a part 2. jesus.

I don’t even think the info he brings up is for audio enthusiasts. Most of it is just pointless or plain common sense.

I have a feeling a few people are subscribed just to see what bullshit he says next.
I’m sure if I started an audio channel I would get more subscribers in a week or two than he has total.

Someone dare me to do it and I will do a review of the Tin P1 and the Bosshifi B8 plus a write up for both (I have a write up for the B8 somewhere I just need to find it). Promise they won’t be boring.

Then I will promptly never do anything again probably. I don’t have the cash flow to buy a ton of stuff very often. idk. I will throw some stuff on their from time to time as I pick things up. But doubtful. It has been a poor economic environment for a few years in my country.

I am still not sure who that guy’s intended audience is.

And yeah, after watching most of the nearly 30 minute part 1, I had no interest in the nearly hour long part 2.

i like NTR because he WANTS to be the bad guy of the audiophile community :joy:

Wait, there is already a “bad guy”.

more like the cringy salty boi of the community.
He is trying wayyyyyy too hard to be a dick.

at least BGGAR can can acknowledge his faults and self criticism.
Unlike resident salty cuck NTR who is on a constant tirade, likes to deflect all criticism about himself and tries to somehow bend logic to meet his conclusions.

Also I think it is time to update my audio reviewers review page Good audio reviewers and ones to stay far far away from

Did I perhaps start this whole mess XD
Probably not, but hey, a man can dream.

What’s with the channel name change? and 15K subscribers :open_mouth: Stirring shit and entertaining since 2019 :smile: