I finally got the BLON BL-05S

This is an another OPPOTYnity for me, and to me this is the BLON BL-05 with the redemption arc, meaning this should have been the BL-05 in the first place.

The reason/s I got these? two reasons, first is because I got curious about it and second is because of Zeos, randomly popping out his video about these. I must say, this impresses a lot, therefore worthy to be a part of my IEM collection. The fit for me has been fixed and improved, along with the comfort that I am getting from these BUT it might not have the same effect as you as it is for me, for the nozzles from these are short and it can be a bit tricky to find the ear tips for these just to have that complete seal and fit. BLON, ffs just make your ear tips and cable a bit better! Like come on! these sound cool yet, always in the accessories you folks tend to ruin for everyone! So yeah, replace the ear tips with SpinFit CP145s for better fit and replace the cable as well.

There are some reports of some people not liking the color scheme, but I am one of the exception for I don’t mind the color of these and yes I have the guts to take these outside and listen to music, like I give a shit on what everyone thinks about how I look with these on, I care about the music not about fashion lol.

Ok let’s go to the sounds, to me this is much closer to the BL-03 sounds but added with the good things from the non-S BL-05 such as the improved detail, soundstage and imaging therefore imo, I think this is like the Stafields but not being afraid of getting a bit more treble, since I found the Starfields played it safe with its treble but I still love it, nonetheless. Bass from these are still like the BL-03s but reduced, meaning it is not as bassy as the BL-03 but there are still some bass but not as impactful as the BL-03’s bass, since I am not much of a bass head, I don’t mind it therefore I still love it, but for bass lovers? yeah not your choice of IEMs to get.

I have to retract my statement about these on the 'What did you buy today (Part 2)" thread since my first impression about these I said, “This is an upgrade from the BL-03s” I must say no, but THESE are a sidegrade instead, but a great sidegradeto have, and I can say it since I own both these and the BL-03. So yeah I love it, and these will be my last IEMs for the year, why? I need to continue to collect more headphones or better yet, get a DAC/AMP combo instead. Overall, I love these and in my own personal IEM tier list, these are S tier, along with the BL-03 and Starfields.


I got mine yesterday, some quick first impressions:

  • They did not sound good straight out of the box, little bass and a real glare to treble and mids. 4 hours of high volume metal and they were a completely different IEM thank goodness.
  • Bass is tight and not bloated, can see why it might not be enough for some.
  • Not shy in the treble but balanced enough by rest of response so as not to be fatiguing, detail levels I find to be very good and for the price amazing. Mids seem neutral to me.
  • Comfort also very good and I actually liked the supplied tips which sealed pretty well
  • Cable gets tangled really easily and is annoying

The above comments are based on using my desktop setup, a Fiio K5Pro. Plugging directly in to my Samsung phone they immediately lost bass, vocals had less body and overall became a touch brighter because of it. Not necessarily a criticism, just saying that they are revealing enough to differentiate sources. Maybe also benefit from a bit from more power?

I need more time with them to properly assess but they do seem like a bargain.


Yeah there are some people reported that when it comes to the sounds out of the box, they are not great, therefore some people settled for breaking-in/burn-in as a way for the BL-05S’ sound to improve.

It’s kind of weird since my piece sound great out of the box, or maybe it’s just my prefered sound signature playing a factor to hear it as such degree.

Also yeah I agree with the cables, they are just not that good so it’s better to replace the cable and imo the tips as well, they are ok but I think brands like SpinFit, Final Audio and AZLA Sedna can make it a better experience to listen to. So yeah overall for me, it’s a great set of IEMs to have but not an upgrade from the BL-03 since there are still some people prefer the BL-03s all day than the BL-05S.

Also when it comes for them to be more revealing when powering them on? Probably, since I saw people did reap the benefits of it being more revealing after using an amp for it, but I take it with a grain of salt since it cannot be true to me aka not much change or it can be true to you, there are some changes. Overall though? Why not, it does not hurt to try.

I did a comparison between these and the Tin T4:

Great review there and I must say I love both IEMs for both Tin and BLON had been good to me so far in terms of their sounds.

Now with SpinFit tips. Definitely a better seal which further improved the overall balance.

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Yeah it works like a charm with those on, but I think the Final E Types also works, well for me at least. Once the Radius Deep Mount tips that I ordered got here, I will give those a try with my set of BL-05S.