I finally have the Simgot EA1000: I should be called a Simpgot now at this point

Oh my freaking god! It has been many millennia since I have purchased something entirely new for my IEM collection, and all I can say is that I am very freaking late and I am sorry everyone for being late for there were a lot of stuff that I needed instead of Hi-Fi during those times and there were more necessary and important.

The freaking title says it people, I should be called a Simpgot at this point, for most of my IEM rotations lately have been Simgot IEMs that I own, with the likes of the EA500, EM6L and now this beauty, the EA1000 because my god! This is an improvement from the EA500 in my opinion and so far I have been having fun with it and just let the sound signature write in my brain and not to worry too much.

Also for a not so bassy set, the bass on these ones are to my liking, they are just right enough and exactly as I want it to be, so are the mids, but as for the treble I admit, there are times that it can get too hot for my liking aka razor sharp, so it’s probably one of its cons but overall most of the tracks I have been listening with the EA1000 is pretty much on how I felt about the EA500 for the first time, but doubled in terms of that feeling.

I might have to consider some tip rolling as well and some modding involved, and I am willing to get some suggestions, for most of you guys know more a lot than me, and that is ok to admit. But overall, though this is like the EA500, but an improvement and yes I tried all of the nozzles, currently done with the red ones, right now I am trying the gold nozzles, so far it has been interesting to say the least.


If it were me, and just as a suggestion of what to try, I’d try rolling some narrow bore tips that fit you comfortably and if that doesn’t work, try a filter mod to tame those highs a bit like this one that is available pretty cheap. Good luck! :notes:

*Edit - Above all else, make sure you are getting a good seal with whatever tips you choose. I am also thinking insertion depth here, making sure it is as deep as possible while still being comfortable for you to wear.

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Thanks for the suggestion, and as of now I recently ordered the Divinus Velvet ear tips due to my curiosity about them, and as well as a suggestion from Paul Wasabii’s video about the EA1000. Might want to give those filter mod a try as well to make things on certain tracks ease up on the treble spikes.

Overall though, pre-modded the EA1000s are epic to my ears as long as the volume is not too high and the trebles not too sharp, most of the time it is bearable but certain tracks to me are like nails on a chalkboard, hence the tip rolling and lowering the volume.


Been listening to it still and I don’t know if this is true for most people, but once I have broken it in and gotten used to the sound, it became less harsh now for me especially with the treble as long as I am using the Red nozzles, but when it comes to the gold and black nozzles? It’s a different result for I think I need more time as well on those. Also with my Divinus tips being here soon, I hope the fit and sound for me would even improve more, for the EA1000 have been enjoyable to listen to so far, despite its treble peaks can be harsh at some point when I first listened to it.

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