I hate audio never a straight

I’m just kidding I love audio! I’m looking for a pair of speakers bookshelf and an integrated amplifier tired of watching YouTube reviews I have an open room lots of tile I have area rugs give me a straight up answer or give me a runaround

And an infinite budget ?

Lol yes at least a hundred thousand

budget would help though. also room size. how far do you plan to listen from? do you listen loud ever, or just moderate and below? are you trying for whole house sound, or just listening area?

I do like to listen loud sometimes but most of the time moderate levels. I like to sit down on the couch probably Midfield maybe eight to ten feet away. One side of the room is open to the dining room . not the ideal situation. I listen to Jazz , rock and roll Blues some metal . pretty diverse when it comes to music. I enjoy Imaging and soundstage I like holographic sound that wraps around me thank you for your reply

$1000 - Triangle Bro 3 and IOTAVX SA3
$500 - Fluance Signature and emotiva BasX PT100

Triangle bro3 verse elac UB 52
Iota VX first Cambridge audio xr100

Thank you for your reply great choices I’m more at the thousand dollar mark

The Fluance Signatures have surprising imaging for $200. I have them in my bedroom - off center about 9 feet away - and while watching shows like Umbrella Academy i get clear center vocals, background noises reflecting off walls and the background music makes this fantastic “envelope” of sound that fills the room… All with just 2 channels.

Yeah the thing is is I need it for the living room which is pretty open one side is open 2 kitchen dining area

I do have a area rug coming and some more furniture I just moved in there will be a TV in between as you can see I have my edifier speakers way too small but the wall that you see the edifier is pretty much where my setups going to be or has to be

The picture is a little bit stretched out because I wanted to fit as much as possible but they are 16 inch tiles and I am at the back of the room as you can see one side is wide open I do have an area rug coming and coffee table end table I just moved in

I have area rug coffee table other Furniture coming I just moved in but this is my room

Wharfedale 12.2 audiophile amp least 100w per channel.

nice looking room!

so imo, the elacs will give you the more holographic sound. of your 2 choices, i would go with them for what you are looking for.

the iota is a more neutral, detail oriented amp. the cambridge has a warm tuning with double the juice. you should most likely be fine with the iota power though. i have a 50wpc amp i use with my elac dbr62’s. i don’t go past noon really ever and fill an area about double what you got with it. my main floor of my house is almost all open space.

a more laid back sound you will get with the cambridge, and a little more detail oriented you will get with the iota. the iota over all being a little more hifi, and the cambridge will be more forgiving on bad recordings meaning you wont get fatigued as much with them. i personally like warm tuned equipment as i am extremely treble sensitive and get fatigued easy, and would pick the cambridge. but for most, the iota is the better amp over all even if it has 1/2 the juice i think.

Thank you so much for your reply… I pulled the trigger on the elac unifi 2.0 and the Cambridge axr100. As with you I can be sensitive 2 highs. So I think I made the right choice? Although now I have a little issue LOL right now my source is my laptop and as you know the Cambridge does not have USB …I do have a Modi 3 DAC . My question is do you think the Modi 3 is better than the DAC in the Cambridge? OR is there an adapter for USB to Optical or coaxial? I need a way to hook up the Cambridge to my laptop? Eventually will be getting a turntable and possibly CD player… and again thank you so much for your help