I have a problem

I have always been a speaker guy, but when life circumstances, kids, forced me in to headphones I jumped straight to the Canadian kilobuck tier. I now own an Elex, Ananda & LCD2C. But somehow I keep getting drawn in on the cheaper headphones due to the mods.

I want to get a dt880, 560s, KSC75’s or Argons just so I can mod the crap out of it, tweak it and make it sound better. Anyone else have this problem? I just want to know what they could sound like. I’ll probably sound crazy, but my modded NAD HP50’s destroys higher end cans like the 660s and if the clarity of the Ananda’s are a 9, they are an 8.

This really makes me wonder why I spent so much money on those other headphones.


I do not as I’m all thumbs. sometimes grandiose thoughts come to mind, but I sigh and shelve it knowing it’s just a pipe dream.

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You’re generally not going to make a headphone more resolving or technically better with mods.
A lot of the headphone is the quality of the driver.
You can change damping/ear gap venting etc, which will impact tonality, and to some extent staging.

if that’s all modding did, it wouldn’t be so popular.

You would just need an overachieving driver held down by horrible other aspects no? HP50 is one such case.

Sure if you have an over achieving driver, that isn’t hard to drive or amp picky, the question is how many badly designed headphones are there?

I think chi-fi will provide us with a lot of options.

I think this is a good way to put it. Modding allows for degree of forging a signature but you’re never going to make a BMW M3 out of a Honda CRX.

It’s hella fun to do fiddle with though.

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Fiddling with Honda CRX cannot be fun at any level…
Tweaking something like mentioned M3. That’ts another thing.

If you want to get into mods, see if you can pick up some stock Fostex T50RPs. They are cheap, have tons of guides for mods, and are the basis for a bunch of great cans (including Argons). I’d also consider either picking up a MiniDSP EARS or DIY a measurement rig so you can better dial in your tuning. Have fun!

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I kind of had this problem. I modded the ksc75 with the kramer mod. Loved it. I wanted a bass cannon so I modded a pair of t50rp and oh boy it was so heavy from all the dynamat I stuffed in it. It was fun.

Now im just playing with dampening filters and pads.

Also, I think we all might have a problem around here. lol