I have been struggling to find the "perfect" TWS IEM

Hello! So, I have been struggling to find what I would consider the “perfect” TWS IEM. I have, so far, tried the Jabra 75t Elite (which did not work for comfort IMO, and these will be used heavily for exercise, so they must stay in well and also be comfortable for long periods of time), and what I am currently running is the Libratone Track Air + (much better in terms of comfort, but even with foam ear tips these can tend to slowly fall out of my ears, and they lack volume control). I am returning the Jabra’s, and at this point, keeping the Libratones, but my search still continues. I was hoping for some rec’s. Here is a list of my requirements, and my budget is a little over $250 maximum:

  • Comfort (will be used at work for 6+ hours at a time, and I am a smaller guy, hence I have slightly smaller ears then normal. I found the airpod like build of the Libratones far more stable then the jabras)
  • Needs to have an ambient monitoring mode (for work, this is an absolute requirement)
  • Audio quality (the libratones are completely acceptable, but I tend to enjoy bassier signatures.) I listen to all genres, except for country and screamo, but primarily to rap, rnb, rock, and edm. They will also OCCASIONALLY be used for gaming (ie. once in a blue moon)
  • Some form of water resistance/IPX (my work can end up with me getting water everywhere, so this is a must as well)
  • Battery life (preferably able to get through a 6-8 hour shift without charging but not a deal breaker)
    And some bonuses which aren’t essential, but would be incredibly beneficial to me:
  • ANC
  • Quick charge
  • Either earbud being able to be used on its own

If there exists a model out there that might be more comfortable and check off more of my boxes then the Libratone for <$250, I would buy it today and return these tomorrow in a heartbeat. I appreciate the help!

The Lypertek Tevis check almost every box except for microphone passthrough, though you can get passthrough working on your computer (haven’t tried on the phone, but it should be possible as well) by using an app or program

Ill check those out! My only issue that the 2 things I ABSOLUTELY need are audio passthrough that works on mobile, so they can be used for work and gym/running, and comfort that doesn’t cause fatigue. Thanks for the rec man!

Yes, they don’t support passthrough by themselves, but they’re quite cheap for what they offer. 90 bucks for the pair

They look great, i just wish they had an ANC/pass through version. Normally that isn’t worth it to me, but i’d legit pay 2x the price just to get that on them so i can use them at work, because theyre 95% of the way to perfect for me, but that 5% is really essential to my specific use case. I wish that wasn’t so important but its ended up being a dealbreaker for me unfortunately.

Tbh I’ve wanted passthrough on them as well, and I’m almost certain it’s nothing hard to add. It’s just software after all.
I might just try to reverse engineer and make my own version of the software…

I agree, but my worry would be if they need a physical connection from the mic to the driver in order to create a passthrough that is lag free. You said you were able to get them to do passthrough on your computer, how did you go about doing that