I have headphones to offer z overloard

How do I get a hold of master z to see if he wants to review some silly funny headphones to make a funny video?? The skull candy Crushers!! I will pay all the shipping lololol!!! This will be epic!

Pay him lots of money I think… :woman_shrugging:

Bruh! I’m offering him free content to add for his fans! Lol that is my “contribution” to his fame! I won’t throw him 120$ to review and ridicule my headphones! I can do that for free!!! Lololol <3

Then your best bet is gonna be using social media to get ahold of him. I still think becoming patron is gonna be your best way and I quote from the 20$

“All patrons in this level and above gain access to a private Telegram (Chat Client) channel that allows me to give voice responses to questions instead of typing them. This channel is re-freshed every 3 months so only current patrons may stay.”

Good luck

He has a contact email on his Zreviews Youtube page where you can contact him about sending things to be reviewed. Be aware that he gets A LOT of email, and it may take him upwards of a week to get back to you, whether he is interested or not.


@ZeosPantera Someone wants to send you stuff to review.

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Yaaaaa baaaaby!!! :smiley: <3 for the meme!!

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I mean, the function is there, so why not give it a shot :smiley:

Ye it’s really funny! They are called tickle me earmo’s! lol

Well actually, no. Just have something people want to see. I was only paid once for an actual headphone review. And it was a pair of headphones I already had in for review and filmed already. So I said yes anyway, got a extra free set, used their store link (still on Amazon) and bought other headphones to review with the money.

Also Telegram, my public telegram is fine for initial contact. But a Patreon message is a bit more secure.

Eugh I’m Canadian, no one cares about security lol but yeah I will try to figure out how to pm you I guess :smiley:

Again, I’ll send you 20$ cad in the box lol I dunno, and some other cool things :wink:

I’m not dumping my cc into a site I don’t need to!

Fair enough, I was more saying get a 20$ patron perk. I was not saying to pay your review off.

:face_with_monocle: CAD means canadian shipping means border crossing means headache on both sides. Trust me it isn’t worth it.

pasta lives in canada doesn’t she? if the headphones are worth thetoruble reviewing I know she doesn’t exactly have a PO box herself I don’t think so giving away her adress is kinda sketchy is their a possibilty that OP could send it to a post office near her or something where she can pick it up and bring it you in one of her visits? Im not actually sure if she lives with you or near you now.

Meh, if he can’t be bothered, then I don’t really care! :wink:

Nah nah he’s just being lazy, Canada poat will have that over there at his door in 3 days no questions. USPS!

Fair enough…