I’m getting impatient. Wait for Bifrost 2 or spring for RME ADI2?

They have pushed the ship date. I’m thinking this dac could also serve as a reasonable amp from what I’ve heard. I can also get it by Monday, which is better than maybe sometime next month for me.

It should only be a few more days from what I know

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Alright, I guess I can cool it. Though I am super tempted by the shiny screen :smiley:

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I feel you totally! I ended up buying yet another amp while getting impatient.

The DAC gets pushed down the priority ladder. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, my liquid platinum and lcd2c are coming tomorrow and I don’t want to keep feeding everything with my modi. I guess it’s really high quality problems.

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Liquid platinum DAC is coming soon too.

If you want to wait a month (hopefully) and have a matching stack.


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If it’s not pushed back again lol

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I was impatient for my ZMF Eikons coming, I bought a set of planar headphones worth more than double because I’m impatient.

I did not cancel my ZMF Eikons for the record.

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I am currently Loving my LP!
I would really like to hear it with an LCD2-C. Should be good. :+1:


Any more updates on that new amp?

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I may have pulled the trigger :grimacing:.

I feel conflicted about it but it seems possibly like the rme might be end game. Whereas I know the bifrost would eventually have to be sold along. Maybe I’ve made a mistake but I think this will clear something desk space as the 789 amp might be redundant now

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Bold move! You must post your thoughts.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes get a case of the “fuck it’s”, but I think it’s escalated now

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That’s what I’m waiting for. Gimme that sexy looking box.

Anyways, if they delay it again I’ll just grab a Bifrost 2 or Ares II.

That and waiting for the Erish pre-order to ship have me antsy. Am watching Ebay like a hawk for sneaky deals on headphones from companies I haven’t tried yet to sate myself in the meantime.

I’ve done questionable things, or as they say ‘fckits’, waiting for a DAC I want. I totally understand that.

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I just did the Elegia on sale fuckit (arrives tomorrow morning), so doing one so soon afterwards would probably be a bad thing. Just gotta bite my tongue for now lol

lol I was also waiting for the bifrost 2 as well and getting impatient with the delays but then I let some fuckheads… i mean “friends” talk me into some crazy shit at 1am in the morning last week and now I have one of THESE on the way… #fuckit


So uh, when my wife asks how much this thing costs (she usually doesn’t, great wife knows better), I’ll just show her that and say “not that much” :rofl:

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I prefer the Bifrost2 to my RME ADI-2DAC for enjoyment listening, but both are excellent! The RME I find I can spend more time fiddling with EQ or/and settings, where with the Bifrost2 I just plug in and go to my relaxing with music place.


The NDH20’s actually sound good instead of being restricted like a someone tied up in some bondage fetish. I can’t confirm they open up on tubes personally, but people I deem as credible sources confirm that. On the GS-X mini… the NDH 20’s sound like they’re finally moving.

I can confirm now that NDH20 on a solid state amp need more than THX 887 power or RNHP power to be properly driven. If you put a mod mic on them… put it on the bottom of the ear cup.

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