I need a really good USB switcher for my iFi Zen DAC

I have my Zen connected to my Mac…but I want to be able to switch it over to my PC when I need to hear voice mail or something. since it only has the one USB port for input, I need a USB switcher.

I know they’re out there…but fear they may introduce interference or something, so I ask here if anyone knows of something really good?

here are two examples of one’s I know of.


Tripp Lite:

the Tripp Lite is overkill, as it’s for sharing 1 USB device across 4 computers.


I’m interested in this as well. Because of my planned PC build a good switcher for my Desk set up so I can plug in my mac or switch between Dacs is a must.

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Have you seen this?

I dont know why this didnt embed
It’s a 4 USB3 to 2 Computers set up
but I like that Tripp lite one

I have not. but my concern is the electronics that it uses might cause some sort of interference.

You could supplement it by getting a USB cleaner on the end leading to the Dac Like Ifi micro iUSB 3.0 or something but that would raise the cost significantly

well…right now it’s only a worry.

I may just get that Startech one…it’s for two PC, so less circuitry I’d hope.

I currently have the ugreen one that PABastien linked . For the past several months it has worked flawlessly so far for me.

I did run across a few reviews that did mention interference so I would order from Amazon or from a source with a decent return policy

Sargent has a passive 2 port switch, but its USB 2.0. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this would have generated a lot more conversation than it has.

Maze, any thoughts on these and possible interference between models that are passive (USB powered) or come with a power supply?

so I got side tracked and when I looked into these again, found out the StarTech model has been discontinued with no replacement.

and…cause I’m working on a nice Tripp Lite project right now, I politely asked they send me one of theirs once it’s closed. my rep is awesome as it’s not closed yet (should be next Mon or Tues I think) and he asked the office to ship one out to me right away. that’s their U359-002:

I will report performance once I’ve played with it a bit.

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so, I got the Tripp Lite switcher…hopefully can test it out this weekend!