I need a sanity check

Just watched this video of the Chord M Scaler at work. Please tell me if you hear a difference. I don’t want to corrupt anyone’s perception so my comment is hidden below the video.


M Scaler ON is more holographic and lower in volume.
M Scaler OFF is louder and more shouty/glarey. Depth is gone - everything is one dimensional front to back.

I could clearly hear these differences on each track and they were not subtle.

I didn’t expect to hear anything so I didn’t even bother with resolving gear (actually I didn’t even know there was a demo until the video got to that part). Just happened to watch the video while I was on the phone so listening was done with an iPhone and Ear Pods.

Replying with my reaction before reading yours. I was listening to it with the bathroom fan in the background and through speakers. I’ll try it with my headphone setup another time.

I preferred the sound without the M scaler. There was more space with it but it didn’t sound “right” to me.

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I do hear the difference, but I think it is also partly because of the gap between the changes that makes it seems to have a greater difference.

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