I need a USB DAC+HPA that disappears from USB when turned off

I’m looking for a USB DAC+HPA with a power switch on the front panel that turns off the DAC completely. In other words, if it’s connected to a PC, the USB audio device will disappear as if the USB cable has been unplugged.

Reason: I have a device (nVidia Shield TV) which auto switches to a USB DAC when one is plugged in. I need to be able to use headphones without physically plugging/unplugging the USB cable to the hard-to-reach rear of the device every single day (for late night listening). The other alternative is to get one of those stupid USB in-line on/off switches and have it dangling out the front of my equipment stack (yuck).

This is for TV not critical music listening so it doesn’t have to be high-end, but it needs to power 250 ohm headphones.

There are USB hubs with switches to turn them off. Those would open up the possibilities a lot.