I need advice for this old hifi system

i’ve found in my parents basement a old hifi system that they dont use anymore, im gonna upload a photo that i’ve found on internet of the system but if you need more detail i’ll do some photos

the amp is the pioneer a-z570

my questions are:

-is that any good?

-i know it’s a speaker setup but i can use like only the amp to power headphones?

-(and if the answer of the question above is yes) how can i connect this setup to, idk, a pc to play music?

this is the back of the amp

The amp has a headphone jack on the front so yes - you can use it. Is it any good? No idea.
To hook up a PC to it you need either (the cheap route) a 3.5mm to RCA adapter or (the relatively more expensive route) an external DAC.

These old stacks used to trade off quality for quantity, but it should play music into speakers decently well. The headphone out might be a bit unclean, though. Speakers can mask amp issues, headphones can show it.

If it’s all that you have, any port in a storm. I ran old receivers I snagged from thrift shops for years and they did me no wrong.


i mean i need an amp to have a better experience with my 32ohm, i dont need it to power 600ohm or something

it is worth to buy the RCA adapter and put this massive thing on my desk?

You don’t need an amp for 32ohm headphones. Hell, my phone runs very demanding headphones decently well.

RCA cables are dirt-cheap, so might as well see. But if this is for headphones, I think you’ll have a pretty bad experience. Cheaper amps introduce a lot of dirty output, lots of noise and distortion and even change the audio output.

If you want something for your headphones, probably better grabbing a cheap DAC/amp like the FX-audio DAC-X6. Ain’t going to be winning any awards, but it’ll give you clean power. Or even a BTR3 is you want something small.

Looks like a fun basement setup to me. What you have there is the ability to play ANYTHING media-wise. It needs low expectations and warmish efficient speakers.

The one thing it is bound to be poor at is headphones. Though you may not have demanding cans from an impedance perspective, the output impedance of the headphone jack itself will be very high, resulting in a poor marriage all the same.

If I’m spending your money, I’d buy an affordable budget DAC that runs into a decent RCA A/B switch that can run the single input from PC to output either to headphones, or the BPC Tower. An affordable used set of speakers (they’re littered around the world) and you can play anything you want through the stack. Minimal investment into it, a switch and speakers are versatile and interchangable. In three weeks on this forum we’ll have you buying dac and amp anyway.

I’ve asked this to a lot of people and like 50% says that the amp is more important and like the other half says that the dac makes more impact, I’m kinda confused (I’ve always asked for my 32ohms tygr 300 r)

They both matter, but the amp is just for supplying power. 32ohm is a common resistance because pretty much any 32ohm headphone can run on anything.

Tygr 300r, from what I understand, do require a touch more power. Ohms is how much resistance the headphones have, and the Tygrs have a touch lower sensitivity so they need a bit more power compared to their resistance (Ohm) rating.

The amp is what supplies power to the headphones, but the DAC is what delivers the audio. If the DAC isn’t good, the amp will just supply dirty audio. If the amp is crap, but the DAC is good, then the good audio will be changed by the amp.

What I suggested are DAC/amp combos, so they do both jobs.