I need DAC/AMP help

I currently have HD58x and I am in the market for a desktop DAC/AMP for them my budget is roughly $200 USD. There are just too many options and I have no idea what would be ideal. I was looking at Schiit Asgard 3, Topping A50s, iFi Zen DAC, Geshelli Archel 2.5 Pro, XDUOO XD-05 Basic, or any other suggestions. I just really don’t know what to go with please help me. I do plan on upgrading my headphone sometime in the future.

i just ordered the Motu M2…
They’ve been tried and tested by alot of peeps for their headphone capability and i can change speaker/headphone volume seperatly…
Also comes with alot of other things that audio interfaces do and that might come in handy.
Might not drive headphones that require alooot of oomph, but for an audio interface it’s quite good afaik

Are you looking for an all in one unit or a stack? Do you prefer warm sound sig, or more clinical?

@MarlFox I would prefer a all in one combo and since the hd58x is more of a warm sound sig I would like to go for a more clinical sound sig.

@schmu I just watched Z’s review on the Motu M2, its a cool dac/amp but it offers way more then what I’m looking for thanks for the suggestion.

I know people seem to like the iFi Zen Dac. yeah they need to fix there naming. its a dac/amp combo. Anf they have a matching dedicated amp.

Just wanted to point out that, as far as i know, the line out of the Zen DAC won’t mute if you plug ur headphone in… kind of a dealbreaker for me. Besides that Zen DAC looks very very good of course & you have all that balanced and high quality jazz going on…

@MarlFox That’s what I was leaning towards for a combo, what would you suggest for a stack?

depends on budget, I don’t dabble in the expensive end. but you cant go wrong with JDS labs atom stack. teh E30 and L30 would be a top rec from many people but with how Topping dealt with the L30 debacle I can’t recommend them.

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What are your thoughts on the Magni Heresy & Modi 3+ stack?

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I have not used them before, they came out after I set up my stack. That stack has more power then the atom stack, and it has a more robust construction feel. The one draw back that tilts me off the planet is schiits love of putting switches on the back of there units. For my desk setup that’s a deal breacker.

I see, thanks for helping me out and answering my questions I have to do a bit more research on my options but i’m now leaning towards either the iFi Zen Dac as a combo or the Magni Heresy & Modi 3+ as a stack. As a really indecisive person I hate having so many options >:(

well if you can narrow it down to two choices you could always flip a coin.

oh god a coin flip would drive me crazy because I’d never want to accept the results lol

which stack appeals more in terms of design/aesthetics?

Do this. Yes.

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