I need help about my AE-9 + DT1990

I buy a AE-9 and DT 1990 a couple weeks ago then i start using it , im not sure about sound it’s that clearly in game
i used to have GSX1000 + hammerhead v2 , i think it clearly more than i use now
I dont know why or i need to setup more than that

Make sure to disable any surround sound or audio enhancement, don’t do any processing on the sound. Also make sure it’s plugged into the correct port

which one about surround sound ?
can you show me pls

I can’t exactly show you because I don’t have an ae9, but switch off the sbx profile on the top, disable the surround, crystallize, bass, smart volume, and dialog +, and also disable anything in the equalizer settings. Also make sure scout mode is disabled. Also in the windows setting try setting it at 24 bit 96khz, also if you see anything that says “Enable Audio Enhancements” and make sure the spatial sound is set to off

you mean disable SBX and Scout mode right ?

Correct, just disable anything that looks like it changes the sound lol in the creative software, also in Windows disable enhancements or spatial in there if it is on

disable this or not

Keep those checked

Do i need to use SBX when i play game , i play RB6 by the way but im not actually hear clearly like where are they left top or front right top or front like that or i used to have in-ear in long time ?
Sry about my english

I would disable any of those enhancements like sbx, I think it would sound better. Also what sounds off in games?

what do you mean sounds off ?

In your initial post you mentioned that it didn’t sound as good to your liking? I was just asking if you actually liked the headphones and if not what was causing the sound issue

i mean it’s good for listen music for me but i dont know why , when i playing game im not hear clearly it’s because my ears or something but i ask so many people they use DT 1990 too they can hear about Direction clearly

Strange, as you say many others (and I) find that the 1990 preforms very well in games