I need help choosing the right XLR cable

Hi all, I want to buy a balanced 4-pin XLR cable for my FOCAL ELEX from Hart Audio. All their balanced cables I see ARE terminated with the 4-pin XLR, however they have like a T-shape instead of the typical rounded shape you find in most amps. Plus, the cbale that comes with the ELEX is just soooooooooooo STIFF!!! If someone could please share a link I’d really appreciate it!!

Here is what you need


welcome! As I said in the youtube comment, HC-9 + IC-3 will work for you :slight_smile:


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my god, sorry, I didn’t wanna load you with questions, once you told me to write on hifiguide, that’s where I went to, and just now that you mentioned it, I saw your youtube comment. thanks!!!

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no worries, you next question should be if you made the right choice with elex, thx789 and su8 (assuming its not too late to change your mind) :smile:

well, I come from an entry level audiophile phase if you can even call it that. I own a pair of the ATH M50X and an iBasso DX90. I was blown away when I bought these, so I’m sure the su8 and 789 and elex are quite the upgrade, I hope!!!

I was considering getting the HD800s, but it’s too much money for me at the moment for getting into the audiophile scene right from the start. I was trying to distribute the expenses a little more evenly between DAC, AMP and headphones. What would you have recommended? I’M INTRIGUED!! :slight_smile:

what signature are you looking for? how much do timbre, soundstage, imagaing, timbre, dynamics, etc matter to you? what genres do you listen to? What do you like about ur current headphones that you would like to improve?

EDIT: check ur pm