I need help deciding Please

I own a pair of Shure SE215 and they are fine. I’m just looking upgrade since my daughter had recently stolen them from me. I’ve been eyeing up the SE535 but want to make sure I’m buying the best sounding iems for the price ($400 or less) and I’m also thinking of purchasing a Fiio BTR5. I listen to all sorts of music mainly: Tool Pixies Cure but also some hip hop and jazz classical. Any suggestions would be great because I’m terrible at picking one. Main thing is I want them to be loud and clear. Thank you guys so much

So, the 535 would get the job done and be a more direct upgrade to what you have, but imo you can get better for the price now in terms of technicalities and refinement, as the 535 is pretty old at this point (but still solid enough). Any specific wants besides the loud and clear points?

I’ve always loved amazing sound. I’m not sure all the audiophile terms. I like to be able to hear everything pretty much. Sorry if I’m not helpful I just don’t know how to describe what I’m looking for lol. To many drugs in the past lol I like to feel like I’m there I guess

New to me to but I love them for all genres

.Reecho and Peacock Spring 1

Hard to find an all rounder for that price? easy to drive too.

  1. LZ A6
  2. Moondrop Blessing 2
  3. Moondrop Starfield (dont have this, but have the near identical sounding KXXS)
  4. Shozy Form 1.1

those are the ones I have and can recommend. Quite a lot of Chi-fi stuff you can get for up to the 400 usd mark.

Thank you guys I really appreciate the quick responses. Sitting here on quarantine go nuts looking at headphones lol

you can also take a look at some rankings

Crinacle: https://crinacle.com/rankings/iems/


mine: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/rikudougokus-iem-ranking-list-personal-subjective-list.925319/

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