I need help getting a some headphones

I’m looking to get New headphones but am currently confused. Should I go for an mmx 300 second gen with an amp or a blue Elle stand-alone. Will accept other suggestion. Just want a closed back.

Most important thing to know is your budget. How much can or are you willing to spend? Then some suggestions can be made.

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Budget is about 300 (with 150 ish dollar amp) or a stand-alone for about 500 to 550$

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What type of music do you listen to? Also are massdrop products available to you?

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Warm, bright and dark. Stuff comparable to here comes the sun 2019 mix or even metal and rock at times. I fuss don’t like overly mid sounding and prefer as big as a SS as possible.

Hmmm, I think something like the beyerdynamic dt177x go may appeal to you then, as it would meet what you want for the most part. It’s harder to get good soundstage in a closed back. I also don’t think they need an amp, but could benefit from one later down the line. Build and comfort is great and the removable cable is a plus

Yeah, it can reasonably be driven fine off of a phone, as it was designed to be more portable

Thanks, but how does it fair with a tube.

It doesn’t do the best with a tube compared to other headphones because of its lower impedance, but it depends on the amp tbh

If you wanted tube performance, the ndh20 might be for you but I don’t think that sounds good off of a phone tbh, so you would want an amp

I’m not planning on us a phone. Using on PC.

If you use an amp, the nhd20 would be just fine, but I don’t think it’s as wide as the dt177x go. Both are good headphones are good, I personally prefer the 177x. Also what tube amp are you thinking? You might end up over budget with a tube amp and the ndh 20

Using bravo audio v2. Thx btw decided for the ndh20 (unless anything else is better).

Ah, that’s a hybrid tube amp, so the 177x would actually work fine on that (just as well as the ndh20)

Oh wow, okay that gives you a lot of options.
Creative Aurvana Live $50
Cooler Master MH751/MH752 aka Takstar Pro 82 (same headphone) $85, $75
Sivga 006 $95
AKG K371 $130
Audio-Technica M40x with different replacement pads $150
1More Triple Driver “Over-Ear” $150
Meze 99 Neo or Noir $200
B&O H6 On-Ear $200
Blue Sadie $200
Sony MDR-1AM2 $200
Dekoni Blue (Fostex T50rp MkIII Mod) $200
Blue Mix-Fi $260
Modhouse Argon (Fostex T50rp MkIII Mod) $300
Fostex T60rp (Fostex T50rp MkIII Mod) $300
DT 177x Go $380
Neumann NDH20 $500

So those are some suggestions on price range. With some of these, if you wanted to have 2 different sound types, you could get a couple headphones instead of one expensive pair.

What sound signature do you want? Warm and bassy? Bass and treble (V-Shape)? Treble? Or neutral?Narrow or wide soundstage?

I should also warn you that the ndh20 might come off as mid forward on some amps, so something to be weary of

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