I need help with a mic solution

I am looking for something better than my onboard audio when it comes to using a mic. The mic I’m going to be using is the Antlion ModMic USB. I will also be using an S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10th MK II, S.M.S.L SA300, and Schiit Magni 3 Heresy for my headphone and speaker set up. What will work with my set?

The modmic usb would work in your setup just fine, but for that money you can get a pretty nice desktop mic imo. Really just depends if you want the modmic for convenience or a desktop mic setup for flexibility and sound quality. What type of environment are you in? What type of sound are you going for? What is the use case?

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Modmic is fine. agreed with m0n. Outside of that though you could get a audio interface setup using an xlr microphone. Just be sure to look more towards a dynamic mic less you have a sound proof room condensor styles really aren’t very ideal. USB mics will work but xlr mics will usually have the better quality.

The room I’m is sorta quiet just have a over head and floor fan going. I going with the modmic for convenience as I couch game and don’t have a desk. Use case would be talking during a multiplayer game like Rainbow six or play DnD over Discord. As for sound I would like it to clear and easy to make out.

For the use case and the convince factor, the modmic would get the job done imo

Couch gaming? definitely just stick with the mod mic. If you were at a desk I would say the XLR would be fine. If you don’t like the overall sound of the ModMic USB the wireless variation has been said to have a slightly cleaner sound despite being a wireless microphone. @MeatxMeat

So do i plug the mic into the Amp or DAC?

Well, the modmics don’t really need an amp/dac to work efficiently. You would need a usb port on the amp/dac to make use of the modmic usb otherwise it plugs directly into the pc or console unless you were to use an adapter to convert to 3.5mm jack or the larger alternative. If you were to use an xlr mic it would need to be an audio interface with an xlr port. otherwise youd need your setup to have a plugin for the dac for better microphone qualities. I did look into your dac but I am not particularly familiar with it.