I need IEM advice

I’ve been using trueear Zero (blue) for a week now, but it feels like it’s missing something. My goal is to play games and listen to music. I can hear my opponent’s voice to my left, but I can be heard behind my left or in front of my left. I don’t know if it’s related to the depth of the scene or if it’s something I’m not used to. This is my first time using IEM headphones. Before this, I was using the Sennheiser HD700 and could locate opposing players as if I had placed them with my hand. It was an excellent headset. I live in Turkey and the conditions here are a bit harsh, I don’t think I can constantly try different brands and models. I want to evaluate it while the spring sales have started. Can you recommend me a nice model? My budget is $400, but if it’s a model you can go out and sit back with, I can be flexible as long as it doesn’t go over too much. I just want to put on my headphones and have fun. It will be connected to the Rodecaster Duo device and used. If you definitely recommend using an external DAC, I might buy it. Fiio K5 Pro is currently on sale on AliExpress. I think it will do the job and the device I use works really well. I would like to thank my friends in advance for sharing their opinions and suggestions.

you are comparing an open back headphone to an iem, which means that the soundstage advantage that the HD700 has over the Zero (or any iem) is gonna be huge (generally speaking). If you really want something like that, but in a smaller size (not-headphone), you want earbuds instead.


Is there a product you use? As IEM.

I only use my modded Ikko OH10 + TRN BT20XS for my outdoor useage, since buds have zero isolation, because of its fit/comfort and bassy tonality that I need when outdoors.

Otherwise I only use my buds at home. (along with my speakers.)