I need recommendations for iems

could you recommend me some iem that doesn’t exceed $40-50$, I’m a beginner who wants to produce electronic music in general. :grinning:

Truthear x Crinacle Zero: Red - $55
Kiwi Ears Cadenza - $30
7Hz Salnotes Zero 2 - $25

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Two reviewers I trust, ToneDeafMonk and Akros (Tony)

KZ Castor Black Bass for warmer bassier sound
Double Dynamic Driver IEMs, $24 on Amazon
Juzear Clear, single Dynamic driver, nice accessories $49.50

All BA set KZ AS16Pro Akros recommended sleeper on sale for $33

Also highly recommended by many, Simgot EW200 $39.99, all metal build, good cable great all rounder.

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Upon reflection I’d recommend going with the Simgot EW200.

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