I needed some speaker stands, but didn't want to pay the money for soundrise stands, so I built my own

Pics, then my reasoning for my design:

I like the design of the soundrise stands, but a few things bug me about them; the hole on the back for wires is centered and circular, so things placed on the bottom will have their wires bent up at an awkward angle. I fixed this by making the hole elongated and with the opening starting towards the bottom. In my next version I’ll probably make the hole a bit wider still.

All the slots on the soundrise stands are needless. I get why they added them (weight reduction), but if your speakers or gear has protruding rubber feet, you have to make sure you position them over a solid part of the stands. No slots on mine.

The rubber feet included with the soundrise stands are fine, and do the job, but I wanted the entire surface where the speakers sit, and the bottoms of the stands, to be covered in something non slip and sound dampening. I plan on using yoga mat for my next pair, but I used some 1/4" thick rubber mouse pads I had and just cut them to size and used ca glue to stick them.

I didn’t see a need for a “lip” on the front of the stands, so I didn’t include it. Pointless IMHO.

My YU4s sit up there nicely! I plan on getting a pair of TUKs; these will work nicely with them.

Construction was simple; each stand is literally three pieces of wood glued and screwed together with #10 3" screws. The top and bottom sit in two grooves. I didn’t bother plugging the holes since they’d be covered by the rubber. The rounded corners and chamfers are just decorative. If someone wanted to build a quick and dirty set of these, none of that is necessary. The wire holes are done by drilling two holes with a forstner bit, then removing the remaining waste. I used my router table. The finish was just some water based transfast dye and then spraycan deft lacquer.

I’m happy with them, but my next set will be natural in color like my desk, and I’ll probably use white yoga mat to match the TUKs.