I realize I have reached Nirvana

I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately while working on my HD599se and HE-4xx and realized that I have zero complaints about them. none. I know there is better out there, because I’ve listened to headphones that gobsmacked me when I demo’d them. what’s even more interesting is that these headphones are powered by the PC output that has an audio chipset that isn’t a known performer.

so while I have plans to get some better headphones…though not the gobsmacking one’s…I know that what I have now will get even better when I can finally afford a proper DAC and Amp to power them. :smiley:

I am happy! :smiley:


Congrats, you have done what many strive to do in this hobby, be content lol :+1:


You don’t mention the HP50. Can you give a bit of detail on that?

I like the HP50, but haven’t listened to it much as I don’t like the constraints most closed headphones have. an example of a closed I do like is the Focal Stellia…you can’t tell it’s a closed headphone it’s so open / spacious sounding.

Well, at least you have a Canadian headphone in your collection, which is more than I can say, lol.

well, thinking about how I don’t care for closed back…I’m gonna sell them. PM Me if you’re interested :wink:

Hate to disappoint but I’m not a Harmanic type of guy.

you should upgrade to the hifiman sundara’s next

but without them in your collection, you’re a ‘bad’ Canadian, LoL!

A wise man once said " “ Success is peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

Another said “Contentment is being happy with who we are, with the people in our lives, and with our life situation.”

Those both come to mind reading Marzipan’s post. You have found a sort of “endgame” Marzipan. Good for you!


my buy list is the following:
Senn HD600
Stax L300 LE or Koss 95/x (I have an 233s energizer already)
Quad ERA-1
Focal Elex
Beyer DT177x (those pads look so comfortable)
Klipsch D5200

I should say I would love some much higher priced options, but those are well out of my budget for the foreseeable future. and yet, I am content. :smiley:


As you mentioned, you have reached Nirvana. Why risk falling out of that again? Enjoy your setup for as long as you can.

because I have heard better and been gobsmacked. but now my desire to upgrade has been seriously toned down and my heart doesn’t ache so deeply.


Reminds me of a French Canadian from another forum pushing these on me cause they are his favorites of all time

I have been at this seriously for five plus years. I am now at a point where I am very happy after many, expensive mistakes. I have to get rid of of several amps and 'phones and want to get more stuff. However as I sit here running through my Elex’s I am very happy with my current collection.


Well for future dac ampm stuff. Geshelli labs ships to Canada free.

Well thats nice Marzipan. I wish i could say the same lol. I still want more detail and a upgrade to the Elex which i love so much

Step-in to speaker world and leave headphones behind. :wink:

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Same with SMSL from China. And with their paperwork, you will pay a lot less than shipping from the US.

Lol, that’s what I did. Zero regrets

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