I think I need a new amp

So I finally picked up a “serious” set of speakers.

The monitor audio silver 50’s.

I have been using a smsl da-9 along with a 8s to power my miccas.

It does like 50w into 8ohm.

The power handling on the new speakers is 100, and I probably do need to bump it up a bit.

What would you suggest?

My limitation is the size. It will be sitting on a desk, so it cant be huge. The smsl at 7"x5.5" was just about perfect.

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Can you not have a separate power amp below the desk or on a shelf that you don’t need to touch? Is there already a preamp or headphone amplifier utilized in this same install?

The power handling is just a maximum design power. No need to “match” anything there. I’d suggest to try it with your current amp first since the monitor audio is actually a bit more efficient. So it will play louder than the Miccas anyway.

Ok probably a good idea. Will do.

50 watts will get you just shy of 93db with those. should be plenty loud enough for nearfield

edit: but if you want upgrade ideas on the quality of that amplification, we got you.

I understand the AO200 is a substancial upgrade from the DA9. Someone had the DA9, AO200 & SA400 doing a side by side comparison. Might have been Z Reviews.

The upgrade was in sound quality with the AO200 over the DA9.

My understanding is they are essentially the same thing.

The AO200 is a unit that has the same circuitry as the da9, but fixed a few problems the early revisions of the da9 had, such as freezing display and noise from the lcd power.

Over a few iterations all of those issues were fixed in the da9. Mine has been flawless.

I actually never really understood why they have the AO200 and DA9 still in production. They are pretty much exactly the same. That’s my understanding anyway.

EDIT: Nevermind, I finally see the difference now. The AO200 has a USB input.

I saw a smsl SA400 for a good price on ebay so I grabbed it because I have no self control.

You will need to go into settings on the SA400 & change the fan start to a safe temp. The factory setting is 65°C which is insane/dangerous/way too hot to touch.


Yea I saw that. Seems 45 or so maintains itself perfectly. No idea why they would have it set that high from the factory.