I think this is the scariest shit I have ever experienced in my life

Folks, today in fact is one of these days that I will never forget in my entire life, for the shit that me and my cousin I had to went through just to get home.

Here’s the kicker, I am tasked to take my cousin who was stranded in a mall and I was called by my aunt to pick her up right? And this is happening to me in the middle of a god damned tropical storm that is currently ravaging the shit of my country.

So I went to my car drove to the usual roads I take but there is one problem, the road got fucking blocked by a fallen tree since you know it was raining very hard where the windshield is like telling me I have cataracts even though my eye sight is normal, therefore I had to take routes that I am not familiar with and this is where the troubles have began.

I fucked up because of one thing, one due to my stubborness that I can do it by myself, not bringing someone like my other cousin who is the big brother of the cousin that I am trying to pickup, for he knows those routes better than me. Two, I didn’t even installed a GPS where I can make things easier for us two just in case we got lost. And three, my stubborness and trying to prove that I can do it by myself, even though I know for sure it’s not really ideal to do such a task especially in the middle of a strong tropical storm and I am still a fucking newbie.

After all of that, things have turned for the worst, I drove through flooded roads like my car is like a damn boat while anxious and confused due to not knowing where the fuck to go. When I was finally able to pickup my cousin from the mall, I fucked up while trying to get to the main road for I didn’t drove to the right path, instead I drove from a damn platform where cars surely not meant to go to, making an embarrassment for myself. We went to a damn flyer instead of the usual express way where we can just U-turn and return home quick, making us lost in the process, and even further lost when we discovered that the U-turn is still fucking far away from the flyover went went through, therefore almost making an accident happened by fucking up a road to take and much embarrassment to myself further. As we got lost, me and my cousin decided to park and lay low for a while in a village where it’s really difficult to find, therefore it took a lot of hours for her mom to find us and guide us home. Once finally after like 4 hours of being stranded in that village, we’re finally being found by my aunt and guided us on how to get home, and I thought it was going to be smooth, but it got even bad for the three of us. First, my aunt’s car got hit from the right side due to an idiot not giving way to my aunt to get to the other lane, therefore I had to go on ahead with no choice and just decided to just suck it up and use and install a GPS on my phone, luckily the damage to my aunt’s car were not really severe, her and her daughter are okay as well. Luckily though I have a dashcam and got it recorded on what happened therefore I was able to send her a video quick in order to present proof that her car got hit, not the guy she dealt with on the road.

You thought it was fucking over? Hell no, the prepare to die edition is just getting started. We were able to get to the right path right? Guess what? try moving to that express way with 3 fucking hours of traffic, and not. moving. a. single. inch! In an agonizing way, but I endured it along with the fact that I have not eaten dinner yet plus the possibility of me falling asleep on the wheel I told myself “You fucked up, you better get fucking home alive along with your aunt and cousin because you caused this fuck up in the first place, therefore you don’t deserve a hot meal, an energizer and a warm comfy blanket, deal with it! You made this shit!” Eventually the traffic moved and I was on the right track again to home, good right? No! I got a last one final fuck you from this day, and that would be my car getting flooded inside but luckily my car was still moving as I crossed roads that are flooded as if I am in a swamp using a boat.

Finally, finally after a fucking agony due to my fuck ups, I finally got home and it feels good to be home, with the price of my car getting flooded inside, as well as its exhaust. Some scratches and possibly some dented parts on the car and finally, trauma within me Yay! For I don’t want to drive anymore after all of that shit Like for real! I don’t want me, my cousin and my aunt went through all of that shit ever again! All of that happened because of my fuck up along with a damn storm making it much worse for us! So yeah this is one the most memorable and scariest days that I had ever tasted in my lifetime.

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From what you are saying I kind of got that you are also a new driver or am I wrong?

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Whenever you are in an unfamiliar situation, or a life threatening situation, you ALWAYS have to stay composed and calm. Panic, overthinking, emotions, and any other crap that’s gonna mess up your decision-making has to go right out the window. Forget it. You have to be in the moment, think with a clear mind, and have responsibility.

Guessing by the number of “fuck” in the post, I do think that you have to work on slowing things down in your head. Your head must stay clear and calm in these situations, no matter how much worse it gets. You are responsible for your own and other people’s lives, and that’s a big responsibility.

When you make fuckups in life, you analyze what you did wrong and improve. Ofc, it’s easy to give up and say, “I’m not doing this ever again!”, but the more mature thing is to actually think how not to make the same mistakes in the future.

Maturing is a process that takes time, energy, and will.


Glad that you guys all got back in one piece though; that’s the most important thing! Definitely a learning experience all-around, be sure to reflect on it so you don’t have to stress as much if it ever happens again! Don’t beat yourself up over it, but take the lessons to heart!


Well what I wanted to say is that I remember when I first started driving how anxious I was and if I was caught amidst a freaking tropical storm I would have a panic attack. So anyway new driver or not shit can and will happen.

Your reaction is very logical so don’t freak out too much. You made some mistakes that’s for sure but everyone does. Sometimes big mistakes happen too…

Anyway you should learn what you can from this and one for sure that you need to improve your driving (risk-taking, decision-making included). So I am only saying this because in the end you said you don’t want to drive again or whatever, that’s just crap.

If you want to be there for yourself and your people you don’t back out of this. When you are calm think things over and don’t turn this into a trauma that will set you back but rather something that will improve you and push you forward.(driving is just a skill like any other btw you can get very good by practicing and researching)

Anyway objectively the biggest mistake to start with was to go out in such bad weather + not being clear headed but hey at least you did it to help your relative and not to party or something.

I’m happy that you made it home safe in the end and I truly wish you all the best.

All of us have done stupid shit in our life so I don’t want to be mean or push you much. But it’s important to turn this around and move on. (not brush it off, I trust you to think about this as a mature person when you are calmer)

Ohh I don’t know what else to say this is the internet and it’s quite a personal thing that you are sharing, I don’t know you, I don’t know how you will react to what I am saying I just hope I can help push you to a good direction for you.

All the best… honestly!

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I had a couple pretty good ones

snowstorm so bad you could only see the tail lights of the car right in front of you… and everyone was still going 70+ MPH… with the side of the road that’s almost a straight drop off of like 500ft, and some of the roads being pretty sketchy in general, I wasn’t familiar with the route either but had google maps up.

or the time I was stuck in a ditch for 12 hours (got hit by snow flurry and then hit a ice patch) ended up getting picked up by a cop 30 mins after my car died… so much ice + snow built up under my hood it disconnected my car belt which killed it, cop dropped me off at a gas station where I waited another couple hours for one of my roommates to be able to pick me up.

fun times

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Most phones have google maps now days or something related as standard (gps should still work in offline map mode) if the network aint down i just cant see how people even get lost?
i started my driving with phone book maps and actual maps. Stopping at gas stations or stores or just ask directions most times got me on the right track.

Even when traveling by myself in foreign country (russia as one) with no language help and no modern smart phone times. Somehow things have worked out good and have gotten where i needed to go.
Just common sense and thinking where not to go and do and “troubleshoot” always helps.

I am new at driving, even though I have been taught by pros who have been driving our family for a while and they taught me well especially when it comes to the fundamentals of defensive driving and safety. Is just that I was worried about my cousin and wanted to pick her up since she was stranded.

But hey, at least this is a lesson to not fuck up again as much as I can.

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Yeah and I should’ve practiced that more, since the guys who took care and guided us in that village last night, told me the exact same thing like “Bro, you’re the guy behind the wheel, remain calm and try not to mess up again, for at least you know what to do now next time.” A hard lesson to be learned for sure and I am sorry if the amount of fucks are a bit unbearing to read for you guys.

I mean I still have to do it even though “I don’t want to” I was just at a state that I am not familiar with and makes me say things that I know won’t do me any good, and won’t even helped our situation that time. Yeah, I have been trying not to make the same mistakes again especially with this situation happened to us.

It is, and it must be taken to heart. I just need more action to do so, than just saying that I will do it for I know it can be helpful on situations whether it would be mild or dire.


Yeah it’s better to this turn this around and move on, for my aunt told me that as well. I said to her that it was my mistake and I am sure needed that harsh, stern and caring lecture for she have the right to express frustration towards me. In my mind, that time even though I know it’s going to be hard, was just getting my cousin back to safety because there were no places for her to stay for the night.

She was planning to stay at her friend’s house, but the path to her house was so flodded that it reaches waistline, therefore she didn’t bother doing that and she is right for that.

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An update regarding to this matter, I am doing all good now and absobing it all in as a huge lesson for myself. A miracle that my car still runs but to ensure it to work in its usual normal condition I have decided to get it checked by the drivers’ who have taught me on how to drive, and will probably needed that in order to learn how to do measures when a car like mine got flooded.

I feel shitty about this and I hate doing this along with my cousin and aunt, is that we will never say the full details on what happened to the 3 of us to my grandpa and grandma. I know it should be discussed, but due to the many stresses that they are going through right now in regards to our small family business, home, and even my grandpa’s mother’s house which they are currently renovating, we have decided to not tell them for we do not want to give them any further stress on what is happening to them right now.

Though I think, in time I should just tell them the truth on what happened for it gives me more relief and a release from a heavy burden when I do that. Also, telling the truth makes me feel good even though it is going to suck and hurt in the first place.

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