I thought I fried both Xduoo TA26

I tried a tube swap of stock TA26 tubes, which resulted in zero sound coming out & then switched the tubes back as they were in each amp & now zero sound coming out. Makes no sense to me. Nothing blew up, nothing was smoking. Now they just don’t work anymore. WTF?

So how are the amps doing? They were working, but now I have a feeling they are in some funkified state. Or I am completely full of shit and they are fine? I would much rather be full of shit…

A glitch occurred after I was experimenting with tubes, as I’d seen on Passion For Sound, where he had 2 6SN7 tubes in the amp, then both amps wouldn’t pass signal, but it resolved itself after the 2nd attempt to fix it. The odd part was when I put the tubes in their original places on the 1st try, the amps still did not pass signal. Once I swapped the front tubes from one to the other, then the amps passed signal & sound fine again.

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