I wanna a better IEM?

Hello guys,

Now I’ve been gotta 7hz Dioko, in that fact I like Dioko’s sound But I just wanna try a better one?

I’ve been tried Xenns Top,Its great I think its better but I dont really like the BASS,makes my ears tired

Do you guys have other ideas?


Wow TOP really looks stunning. Less bass would be the Letshuoer EJ07M and 7th Acoustic Supernova. You can also try the HeyDay.

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If your selling your top reach out to me please.

If your looking for a less bassy set more neutral maybe try a Planer like the HEYDAY or Big Panda. Personally I would go big panda but they are large O was reading?
Cheers TDM

thanks for tips. Big Panda is Tin hifi p1 max?

thanks! I’ll check the EJ07M at first

That is correct sorry. A very smooth not boosted smooth planer. TDM

Listening to mine right now .


@ToneDeafMonk @VIVIDICI_111
Its a little bit confused me, If I buy the HeyDay or Big Panda,It can turly be called “upgrade”?
Im afraid they are no really disparity because of the price is close
Sorry to bother you two (:з」∠)

is that means EJ07M its a finaly chose? :laughing:

They’re similar to the TOP just less bass - Panda looks to be smoother and less fatiguing than HeyDay. HeyDay looks like it has more treble detail. None of them are really upgrades including the 07M and Supernova - just different, but the best I think would be the 7th Acoustic Supernova, but you’ll have to contact them on facebook and it’s a lot more expensive.

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Sorry I didn’t see if mentioned your budget just thought you were looking for a different tuning.

under 700$ maybe :kissing_heart:

I would pass on the EJ07M’S. Have you looked at the used market there are tons on CAM , forums with some Steller deals?

Nope, about the EJ07M I could buy a new one

I may finally choose Softears RSV cause I heard EJ07M listening vocal will be “thin”

I’ll listening pop music offen btw

Softears RSV looks nice in graph. Less bass than Xenns Top;MIDS looks won’t be thin and treble is on the line

best choice for me???

You are a braver person than me. I dunno if I could stomach putting down $700 on a blind buy like that.

Even if it may hit the spot

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Try the Panda first for $100 because it’s a planar it takes EQ like a champion and then you can tell or get a sense of what tuning you like before you spend $700 and it’s a great set.

I guess I know what sounds that I want it. :thinking:

Less Bass
High Mid (wont thin)
Clear but not shout Treble

I used to like Sony XBA-300AP Shure 846 and Audio-technica so many model such as IM02 03 04/ ckm99 1000 now like 7hz Dioko

In that fact I like the planer’s sound, my favourite headphone is made by planer

maybe thats why I chose Dioko

I wanna a IEM sound close to headphone then I can enjoy music anywhere :joy:

Yanyin Moonlight would be my top Rec for you with your preferred tuning
Maybe check them out .

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